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11:20 AM 06/23/2011

Done with work for the week. Applied to three more jobs this morning. Only one of them got back to me and that was only to tell me I didn't qualify for the position due to FAA requirements. No big.

I start another temp job on Monday that should last at least a couple of days. Turns out it's right across from Fry's. Dangerous because I really really want RAM for the Ubuntu desktop as well as a number of other tech items. Have to try not to go across the street when I'm done for the day. ;-)

Hopefully I'll be able to get at least the yardwork done this weekend. It's rained the last few days and I've been working so I haven't been able to get to it again. Fortunately my wife also wants to do it and managed to get our daughter to pull weeds last time. I think we're going to try to repeat that performance for all concerned this weekend. That reminds me that I need to go out and get a couple of the small tarps.

Had to spend $6 for a toilet part today because the back toilet is leaking...again. Once things get more stable I'm going to just replace those damn things and the plumbing attached to them.

No gardening to speak of yet. I'm such a pathetic bastard in that regard. I have a ton of things I can still plant but haven't gotten them even started yet. I think I'm going to try and get grown tomato plants if possible. There's still time to grow melons and other things but I need to get beds made up for that while the other stuff can grow in baskets.

I think I'm going to try sketching some jewelry designs today. Not sure what I can some up with but I think I can create some really interesting stuff. Even better my dad is interested as he's already a natural stone jewelry buff. So maybe we can do something together.

Still stalled on writing. I think it's because I can't devote blocks of time yet. Maybe if I get the 2 month to indefinite job I'm up for I'll be able to get back to that.

There's so many creative things I want to do but fighting for stability really puts a crimp on it all. And worse yet I can't give up on any of them. I want to do ALL of them. Writing, drawing, videos, electronics, jewelry, scifi/steampunk props, 3D printing, programming, music, and a ton more. The problem is I'm not sure I'm big enough. And I feel extremely sad every time I think about picking only one.

So...maybe I need to grow big enough to do them all...

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