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Tentatively off unemployment...

June 28, 2011 5:58 AM 6/28/11

But not necessarily in a good way.

So this morning I went through the usual phone certification process. Last week I made $403.50 gross on a few days of work on a temp job.

Apparently that was $20 too much because Teleserve told me it could not continue to process my claims and closed the claim. I may or may not be able to fix that by calling them but I suspect it’ll take two weeks to get money flowing again. Some people told me I could split the money earned at the temp job over two weeks and keep the claim open but they aren’t filing under the state Extended Benefits plan which requires you to file a paper form showing exactly what you’re doing. Since the paper form shows the work all on one week it would be fraud to report it otherwise even if the information came 2nd hand from IDES itself.

So while I have a job on the 11th I have nothing for next week at all. I hopefully will get the 2 month to indefinite position on the 17th but nothing is certain.

There is one bright note in all this. If the claim can not be fixed then I don’t have to fill out the forms every week any more and can focus on taking more temp jobs as well as fixing some stuff around the house.

It just sucks that this thing appeared to just drop me without a net. You’re supposed to let me down gentle ya goob! B-(

This proves what I said in the past though - the state EB service is _designed_ to throw you off at a moments notice and probably so it can improve the state unemployment numbers.

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