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The importance of proper cooling...

July 4, 2011 9:21 AM 7/4/11

So I was just off the internet for a little bit this morning because my Cisco 2900xl switch overheated.

This wouldn’t be so troubling except that it’s in the partial basement. That’s supposed to be cool all year around.

So I guess I’m putting in a dryer vent and one of my old Comair Rotron 6” fans connected to one of the temp switches you use for things like attic fans and such. Those go down to about 75 degrees so that would be just about right. At the moment though the solution is a floor fan blowing directly on the wire rack shelving that holds all the equipment.

All that will have to wait until the money stabilizes. The transition from unemployment to part time employment is going to be interesting to say the least. The good thing though is that it’s a weekly pay schedule again which is a hell of a lot easier to manage than other schedules.

The bad thing is that often the money is intermittent. Of course this is also something I should get used to. Once you gear up to handle an intermittent income you can then more easily handle a stable one.

I get the feeling that money will always be an issue for us. if that’s the way it’s going to be then so be it. I’d prefer to focus on being happy as a family. (Not to say that I wouldn’t accept a winning lotto ticket.) I’ve been thinking about putting up a PayPal button but honestly I don’t feel that I really give anybody anything worth money. I mean I may put one on the main website because it can make it easier for someone to pay me for a spot job but donations are another thing entirely.

*sigh* I always have this problem. For some reason even though I’ve decided it’s okay to accept money I _still_ have a hard time even talking about it let alone asking for it. It’s a real barrier for me. Some part of me thinks of myself as a leech if I ask people for money - especially if I can’t immediately pay it back.

In other GNUs...I rescued a Microvax 3400 from a local guy and it contains one of the Unobtanium QBUS SCSI cards in it. Woot! Not that I’m going to sell it but those cards go for a minimum of $250 a piece if not more. (Pics here: ) But this also means that if so choose I can go with cheaper SCSI hard drives to run the system rather than the original and hard to get RF model drives. Before I do all that though I’m going to do a password reset on it and see what’s on the drives. There is often really cool data and software on these systems that would otherwise get lost.

Mom was here for the holiday and reminded me that I still have time to plant for a fall harvest. Due to the heat I’m thinking melons would be a good choice as well as cucumbers. I have several hanging baskets and tall garden hooks that can be used for tomatoes maybe. Regardless I really need to start cleaning things up around here and planting if I want anything harvested this year at all. That and vacuum all the Japanese beetles which have already started appearing on my raspberries. A Shop-Vac with soapy water inside gets the job done.

And that’s another thing that’s happened since getting off unemployment - I have more time to get things done around here. And I have more motivation to do things around here. Constantly searching for a job really takes up a lot of time and energy. I really hope that some day those in power can see that it’s not a handout to be taken away at a whim.

On the health front my left wrist seems to be almost back to normal. Teach me not to roll over on myself in my sleep. *ahem* And I’ve decided that I will likely buy some Malic Acid with our next vitamin order. Taking that tends to soften gall bladder stones and allow them to pass more easily. Once I’ve taken that for a while I’ll likely do the one olive-oil+lemon juice purge that forces the gall bladder to release the stones. Hopefully once I pass those I’ll be able to drink coffee again. Nasty process but it’s a hell of a lot safer than surgery.

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