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Oh those wacky weed wackers...

13:55 PM 07/06/2011

Managed to get out and do some yard work today. Got a parts tractor the same model as mine that had good blades and a number of other parts. Currently disassembling that for storage as I have enough room in the shed to fit all the spares.

And that is another thing I got done today. I organized the shed a little and got the old Suzuki into the garage, the lawn tractor and push mowers back into the shed, and the gas grill out. So I now have the grill out so we can cook with it once I remove the wasps from the frames and I have the Suzuki in the garage where I can take it apart. And the lawn tractor is now out of my way completely until I need it. (Though I need to replace the shed doors completely because one is horribly bowed outward. Easy stuff since I have the plywood for it.

I've decided that I'm going to completely disassemble the old Suzuki GS750E I've had for years and start listing the parts on E-Bay. I've got enough room in the shed to store everything but the frame, the tires will fit my Yamaha and are in better condition than my existing ones, and if I so choose I can use the remaining frame for an electric motorcycle project. It's all good.

Funny...I'm less attached to certain things that I have been in the past. I'm finally at the age where I can choose to get rid of things if I want to. It's a strange feeling but a good one.

The neighbor boy is supposed to stop by today and do some trimming or weeding for me. I'm definitely going to rustle him up if he doesn't stop by but only after the heat of the day lets off a little bit. I have to walk around and show him what's what anyway so he doesn't down anything desireable. (I may just mow over the hastas around the tree in front just to make my life easier. The dead peonies also can get cut to the ground.)

Found more weed fabric in the shed today. (Yay!) I think I can find some places to apply that to without a problem. I still have to put up the tall garden hooks and baskets but first the place needs to be trimmed. (And I haven't decided what to plant in those anyway. I wonder if I can run cucumber vines down those...)

My old Cisco 2900xl switch has finally taken a dump. I think it took one too many thermal blows to the head. Thankfully I had a simple dumb Netgear 10/100 to replace it with. I'd love a 3548 but that's not in the cards just yet. Anyway I got us up and running again so fast my wife went "The network was down??".

Got another temp job starting Monday in downtown Chicago. Parking, train, job, train, drive home. Not a bad thing. It's got a definitive duration of 4 days but I may get it done in three. We'll see how it goes.

Dinner tonight will be something with ground beef seeing as I managed to divide up the completely frozen 3 lb "log" of it using a serrated knife and a dead-blow hammer. Likely dinner will be ground beef and gravy over some sort of pasta with a side of some vegetable. Speed thawing the beef now so it'll be completely finished and not half-frozen when I go to use it later. I figure the other two pounds can do chili one day and tacos another. (Though turkey tacos are definitely preferrable.)

Things are moving forward again...just have to keep them on track...

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