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Just a quickie...

I managed to fire up the enameling kiln yesterday and it works a treat. Still really should have a pyrometer for it but for now I can do things by surface texture and color. (I'd prefer to learn the glass without the extra technology that way I'm not dependent on it.) Anyway here's what a simple test came out looking like:


Not too shabby color-wise but obviously oxidized the copper. And the red enamel either didn't heat/cool properly or there was too much of it. No biggie as this was just a test. :-)

Now I need to get some copper PMC3 to see how well that works. Not this week though as we're still in the transitional period between me coming off unemployment and doing the temp jobs.

I've decided I'm not too proud to accept donations so if anybody wants to buy me some art stuff feel free to PayPal money to my greymane AT address. Replace AT with the @ symbol obviously. (More on the pride thing in a later post.)

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Tags: art, enameling, paypal, pride.
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