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Dammit Rainbow Dash!

July 13, 2011 10:32 PM 7/13/11

Next time make sure you schedule the weather teams so they produce regular showers not massive storms! And don’t put Derpy in charge of the lightning!


There are a lot of people in our area still that are without power. We were damn lucky we got it back that evening. A friend of mine has been over the last three days with a garbage can getting water so they can wash and flush the toilets because their well pump doesn’t work without power. (Yet another reason to eventually get off the grid.)

There are even people a street over that don’t have power yet. I’ve never heard so many generators nor seen so many campers and tents in peoples yards and driveways. They’re talking Friday for a good portion of people around here. (Northern Illinois)

We managed to get off light. A couple of downed branches and power out for 18 hours or so. Fortunately it didn’t rain. The battery sump pump works but I’m not sure it would work for 18 hours. (I should really test that one day when the main sump pump is going off regularly or something just to see how long it runs.)

There’s a 90% chance that I start my two-month-to-indefinite call center job on Monday.

This will be good for several reasons. The first is that it’s regular money for a minimum of two months. The second is that it’s literally a maximum of 20 minutes from the house in bad traffic. Regularly it’s about 5 - 7 minutes. Third it’s something I know I can do well. Finally once the first three weeks of training are done it goes down to a 6 hour shift so I can be home for my daughter when she gets off the bus each day. This will keep my daughter’s schedule regular and save us much gas as we won’t have to pick her up from grandma and grandpa’s house every day.

If it doesn’t suck out this weekend, (high heat+humidity=suck), I will hopefully be able to get the yard whipped into shape with the help of a couple of friends. Once it’s attacked and beaten into submission I’ll be able to maintain it. I’m even going to bite the bullet and use some nasty powder stuff to kill the Japanese beetles this season. Next season I should be able to buy the bag traps and some Milky Spore to work on preventing them from coming back.

All that aside for the last two days I’ve picked red raspberries from my garden so at least I got _something_ out of it. It’s really too late to plant anything so all this is prep for next year which means next year the garden will be awesome. :-)

High on the list of things to buy when the money starts flowing again are an attic fan and a gable fan. One is to replace the attic fan in the house that has died once again - the other is to cool the workshop so it can be worked in during the day. The attic fan I really really want to get in a solar powered model. Same for the gable fan but I’ll accept it in a standard model. Money being what it is I might have to accept both in the standard model.

I did figure out that I can heat and cool the workshop during the daytime using the solar heat generators on the windows during winter and a black painted solar chimney during summer. The issue is making those things. I actually have the materials for the solar chimney right now. All it really requires is plywood, 2x4s, screws, and black paint. The rest is just design and construction.

The theory, for those that don’t know, is you make a long vertical tube with long slits at the top, paint it black, and plumb an intake hole from the interior of the building. What happens is the sun heats up the tube and creates and updraft which pulls in air from the base of the building where it’s cooler. The slits help vent the hot air but they also cause even more airflow when the wind or a breeze hits them. A cover over the gable vent in winter prevents heat loss.

In my case this is an easy add-on since I have a gable vent on the back of the workshop that I could easily attach this structure to. I’ll have to move Luffy’s weather station to the front gable though. Not a big deal.

As for the window heat generators I’d need a bunch of soda cans, plywood, foam insulation, screws, plywood, 2x4s, thermally switched fans, and some glass. The units could easily be pulled out of the windows during summer and put back in during winter. Kind of like swapping window A/C units in and out with the seasons. Then I’d only have to use the furnace at night out there.

And that’s one more thing I really want out in the workshop - a newer forced air furnace. Something that wasn’t built in the 50’s would be good. I’ve already got the gas, electric, and venting so it should be an easy install. And even if it only has one duct for now I can easily add those later. Ductwork in that workshop would not be difficult at all especially since they have tons of pre-made pieces available these days.

Right. Enough plans for tonight. I need to get some sleep because we haven’t been sleeping well the last few days for obvious reasons.

‘Night all!

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