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Inspired by filkertom's "On The PC"...

I'm slightly embarrassed that I even wrote this...

"Bukkake PC" - inspired by a combination of the tune of "Under the Sea" by
Disney! and "On The PC" by Tom Smith

The monitor needs some cleaner
To remove the cake
You look at the picture
That's gotta be so fake
The strings of pearls
Going up her nose
The stuff all dripping
Right down to the toes

Bukakke PC
Bukakke PC
This is so icky
The keyboard is sticky
It wasn't me!
In front of the webcam
Making the porn spam
Taking the jiz on
Making a million
Bukakke PC

Cum on her and make it snappy!
I've got another roll
Make her face look happy!
It pays with gold
Make sure one is ugly!
The pervs will like that too
That picture sure is fugly
She's covered in goo

Bukakke PC
Bukakke PC
The pictures are icky
The keyboard is sticky
Why aren't these free?
I've got a new domain
For me to hawk and shame
Two for one tuesdays
Give use "fresh pics" days
Bukakke PC

You play the skin flute
Just don't fart
Don't matter about race
Just click the cart
I don't want to look at her ass
Just her mug
This website is soo cool
Aww you have to pay
I hate these things
Shelling cash out
My account it stings
Gimme the picture stat
I need to blow my hat
Blow my wad oh nooo!

Bukakke PC
Bukakke PC
The wesites so tricky
The keyboard is sticky
It wasn't me!
I sign up for the webcam
The send me X10 spam
I use a filter
It doesn't help there
Bukakke PC
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