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23:51 PM 07/23/2011

Today I spent a fair amount of time customizing the accidentally wiped machine I mentioned yesterday to get all my stuff back. This of course led me to discover several nice surprises.

One of the nice things that happened is that the performance of the machine seems to have improved with this upgrade. For instance I couldn't play Frets of Fire on the old install but today once I reinstalled it I got my ass handed to me by a number of Japanese anime songs. (Got to download some songs I can play darnit!)

Another nice surpise is that I found a nice animated boot splash screen for the Plymouth boot loader stuff. So at the moment my system now does a wonderful kind of green sunrise animation while it's booting in the background. Take that Mint developers who like to leave us with black screens on our older computers. Pbbbbbt! ;-P

Mint 11 also sets up all the multimedia stuff so I don't have to worry about installing a bunch of codecs or other things. It's already taken care of.

Now...some gotchas. My power management still doesn't work quite right. The display has issues on resume and the lid switch will put the laptop in suspend mode exactly once. The power button or menu choices do it repeatedly but for some reason it only listens to the lid switch once. And I know the switch is working properly because I can watch is trigger in the ACPI info. Oh well I guess I'll just use the power button for now.

The training at work is progressing apace. In case I never mentioned it I'm being trained on Destiny Library Manager by Follett Software. It's basically the main library software for schools all across the country and it's pretty damn cool despite being Windows only. One thing we get is a local install on our work laptops so we can create fictional libraries and be able to walk through things when on the phone with the customer. Currently I have two Doctor Who libraries, one for companions and one for the Tardis itself, and I'm working on importing a MLP:FIM library as well as probably a Pagan library and others. (I really am hoping that I can get a copy of this stuff for home but that's not likely to happen.)

Speaking of work I managed on Friday to get a burrito from the local place and it was awesome! For a small place it produces some really good Mexican food! So now if I want a good burrito I no longer have to drive to a certain restaurant in Elgin. (My wife won't go there because she got catcalled mercelessly when she did.) Anyway they even allow you to call in an order so I can get my food and still have time to eat with a 30 minute lunch. AND the stuff is all healthy stuff on top of it! Fresh! Woot!

And that's another thing. With even the eventual 6 hour shift money I should be able to get lunch most days if I want to. Once we catch up with all our bills that it. That said a good chunk of this will be going in the bank for when this job ends. Have to be prepared for that eventuality.

The weather last night woke me up from a sound sleep around 2 am. The power must have flickered because all the clocks were reset. Thankfully all the servers either didn't go down or came back up properly. Regardless I had to close the library windows because the rain soaked some things. I opened them back up today so everything could dry out and airflow could resume. The rain was enough to break the heat a bit so we're not dying as bad. Had to take a nap today though because of the storm waking me up.

The heat/humidity did have another annoying effect though - I sighted some springtails coming up from our sink trap. So I've poured some bleach down there and will likely be pouring a vineager mixture once a week to make sure the little buggers don't come back. They're harmless but I don't want to give them a chance to spread. That also means I should really weed and then spray around the foundation outside. Hopefully I still have bug spray enough to get that done.

And with the recent rain...I can now pick the raspberries again. :-)

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