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Quick status update...

July 28, 2011 5:53 AM 7/28/11

Livejournal is being DDoS’d into oblivion as we speak so here’s hoping Dreamwidth doesn’t share the same fate.

Anyway things are going well. We’re still training a the call center job - at the moment we’re shadowing other people on the phones so we can get used to the kind of calls coming in - but we’re making progress. It behooves me to play around a lot more with the software we’re supporting as a couple of the calls yesterday I wouldn’t have known immediately what to tell the customer and would have fumbled my way through it. But that’s to be expected.

It would help if I could get a copy of the software for home but I’m still working on that.

Otherwise things are kind of in a holding pattern. I’ve got a ton of yardwork and housework to do still. My father is going to likely come over not this weekend but next to do his clutch on his Amigo. And I still have an entire motorcycle to take apart and sell on E-Bay so I can fix the other one and eventually maybe make an electric bike out of the remains.

Hopefully dad will be able to help me do the work on my truck the same day he’s here. I’d like to get at least the timing chain done if not the exhaust and other things. (Oh and it occurs to me that the running problems I’ve been having with that truck are probably due to the fact that she’s been sitting so long and I didn’t put any Stable in the gas tank. *facepalm*)

It rained heavily yesterday for a while but we again didn’t get more than a little water in the basement. Have to start buying bags of concrete here soon to help fix that.

Daughter is doing fine. Summer school ends today and then it’s another week or two until she starts regular classes. She’s being bussed to grandma’s after school because I don’t know if this job will last after two months and it’s a pain to get transportation changed during the school year.

Holding steady somewhere around 225 pounds. Still trying to break that but since I’m sitting on my butt during the day now it’s not easy. Thankfully there’s a really good burrito place that has unprocessed ingredients in their food - real mexican food. It’s even cheap...if I can stick to buying one burrito not two. ^_^

All other projects at the moment are stalled until the schedule stabilizes. With a 30 minute lunch I don’t have time to write but once we get into the regular schedule of 8 - 2:30 I should have plenty of time when I get home to do things before having to pick up my daughter at my in-laws.


*zzzzz*Time to make the donuts...*zzzzz*

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