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23:26 PM 07/31/2011

So it's 11:30 or so at night and once again I'm sitting in front of the fan in the library of our far-too-warm house.

We've still got at least one more month of this type of weather and with everything heating up we may very well be warm into September so I've come to a conclusion. We got the electric bill yesterday and it was $171 with all the fans we've been running. (Including the furnace fan to circulate the house air.) That being the case I've decided to put the large window A/C unit in.

With the furnace fan circulating we can likely turn off the ceiling fans once the A/C unit is in again. That should be enough to at least cool the house and allow us to sleep comfortably as well as work to organize things inside.

I still need to get more fans in the attic because the attic heat, however well separated it is by insulate, will radiate into the main floor and make the A/C unit work just that much harder. And since we can't afford to replace it I don't want to work it too hard. (We could really use a 15k - 20k unit in here if not central air but there's that pesky money thing again.)

On the subject of replacing appliances it turns out our oven is broken. The broiler works but when we try and use the regular oven function we get a gas smell from it. So yeah...not using that one until we figure out what's going on there. I suspect the ignition isn't working right. The rest of the stove functions fine though so we're not in trouble there and the breadmaker is also a toaster over so we can deal for now. The stove may cost more to repair than it's worth so we're considering, when we can afford it, a replacement from somewhere like the Sears Appliance Outlet we have in town. Failing that I'm sure we could always get one that works off of Freecycle. I see them show up from time to time.

Someone buy me one of these dammit so I can get those damn fuzzy things out of my head! (

I'll explain that one later mom.

Anyway me and the guys went fishing last night and not only didn't we mark any fish bigger than a fingerling really but we also didn't catch any. It _might_ have something to do with the fact that the lake smelled like soap. (Of course that may have just been the direction of the wind and the blue porta-potty on the shore.)

But the stars were awesome!

I really really really want to get my boat out on the water this year. It's going to likely cost me under $100 to transfer all the paperwork and I'll need the truck repaired but with the second battery and my inverter it'll be the perfect night writing area. Drop a pole in the water, fire up the laptop, and just write. I'm in serious need of comfortable seclusion.

And my wife is in serious need of being able to go out and do thngs. It's a tough transition from being able to spend every so often to being able to spend almost nothing for a while. My friends who are saving for a house are having similar issues. It's tough to get back on track once you get a little money to spend.

I haven't done any re-writes on my submitted Torn World story yet. Been just trying to settle in at work. I don't want to remove it from the queue yet though because while it's there I have a motivation to get it done. I'm afraid that with all that's going on I'd probably shelve it if I removed it from the submission queue.

We're so disorganized at the moment. And with this heat we just don't want to do _anything_. It's like the heat melts your feet to the floor and if the fan is blowing the right way it blows you onto the couch where you tend to stick like a lump until you fall asleep then wake to start the process all over again.

Oh and yes I am aware of the irony of my complaining about the heat when I complained about the cold all winter. But _dry_ heat is what I want not _humid_ heat which is what we have. So nya! ;-P

*checks word count*

Hmm...800 or so words. I guess I was right when I told the team lead at work that I could sneeze 500 words when filling out the call ticket system. He made the mistake of telling me that more information is always better. ;-)

Well it's about midnight so I should probably sign off and start the process of trying to get to sleep in the heat. Tomorrow when I get home I'm going to stop by my friend's house and borrow his giant extension cord so I can install the A/C unit and then maybe we'll all sleep a little better.

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