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19:07 PM 08/11/2011

So...long time no post...

Been a little busy with many many things in my life. A current call center job. ("Thank you for calling XXXXXX tech support can I get your customer number please?") much yardwork... Repairing multiple broken laptops for multiple different people. (My wife included.) And watching the world start ablaze.

First things first - the job. Awesome. It's tough sometimes to get through some of the calls but I really like the environment and the people there. And nobody says a damn thing about my Twilight Sparkle on top of my monitor. (She even has a headset for taking calls.) Hey Hasbro! Make a pocket Luna dammit! *ahem*

I haven't been posting for a while in part because the laptop I regularly used to post with I temporarily gave to my inlaws until I could get the parts to repair theirs. That happened today so now I've got my old trusty R51 back now and it's running the 80gig Mint Linux 11 drive I had in the old N610c unit. And even with only 1.2gb of RAM it's very spry. (I still need a faster system though.) And I didn't even have to change any settings when I swapped the drives. On either system. Take _that_ Windows!

I also had to repair my wife's LCD on her Vostro V13 because she cracked it. It was actually both a simple and an extrmely nerve-wracking repair. The Vostro V13 is a thin laptop so all the time I was snapping the plastics back on it I was worried I'd crack the new LCD. Not a fun time. The upside? Six screws. Period.

In other news the local dog place says it'll only cost $45 to shave and trim our dog. This is a good thing because Richie is about to have his name changed to Fizzgig pretty soon if we don't do something. Maybe next week...

And in world news today...the world is on fire in some places. And those places that aren't on fire probably _will_ be on fire sometime soon. I'm truly scared here. The upper 1% think they can get away with always screwing the lower 99% and the lower 99% are starting to load up bottles of flammable liquids with rags in them.

It's not gonna be pretty folks. And the best I can hope for at the moment is that me and mine..,and any friends I can help...will survive by being on the periphery of it all. But then the war even reached Walton's Mountain eventually...

And a good part of the population aren't helping matters either. There are quite a few people arming up and stocking up but not giving any thought to their neighbors or even close friends.

I've got news for them - even if they stock up and hide away they still can be overwhelmed by the people they shun. Guns run out and while blades don't it takes an awful lot of effort to stop even 500 people with just a few good swordsmen. (Spartans are an exception not the rule people. Even if you are trained you likely weren't trained from birth. And if you don't have 300 men trained from birth in blade and spear combat then you aren't going to take out 500 attackers. Even with planning you can be broken, or starved out, or infected out, or any number of things. There's a reason castles are romantically popular but a bad defense strategy.) rant-mode-off

*sigh* The bitterness in everyone's heart is spreading. It'll be a black day soon. I only hope I can help the people around me survive it.

I think I'm going to try and get some sleep tonight and start fresh in the morning. Maybe when the sun's up again I won't notice the flames so much.

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