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16:23 PM 08/13/2011

So my wife and I were watching reruns of The Impossible Astronaut/Day of The Moon and in explaining some things to my wife I happened upon a thought...

I've mentioned this previously in other places but I suppose I should mention it here.

The Doctor knows everything that has happened throughout his life and thus knows about The Valeyard - his evil incarnation from The Trial of a Time Lord - and he knows that he comes from somewhere between his 10th and 12th regeneration. ( )

Now, that being the case, The Doctor knows at least some of his own capabilities and is always concerned if those capabilities are misused. Even by himself.

So what I was that maybe...just maybe...The Doctor arranged his own death to prevent the creation of The Valeyard. Dying to prevent the creation of a great evil is absolutely something The Doctor would do.

Of course seeing the most recent trailers on BBCA today leads me to believe that I'm almost certainly wrong. The phrase "There's something wrong with time." was uttered during those trailers which likely means Moffatt is leading us on a wild goose chase again in the hopes of avoiding The Doctor's death entirely.

From the standpoint of the character though it would be better if he didn't avoid that death. I mean we all know the story can't go on for The Doctor forever. He's long lived by definition but not immortal. (This was the point of quite a few story arcs in the past involving other time lords including obviously The Master.) If he avoids his death completely then what's to make him different. Would he be more heroic guarding the universe forever or more tragic?

Mind you I'd still love to see a story arc in which The Doctor (or some incarnation of) becomes The Master and walks us through the other side of things. Truly though that is wish fulfillment and not likely to happen in any canon storyline.

In the end I'm still blowing as much smoke and hot air as any other fan on the intertubes and probably just as wrong or right in my speculations. :-)

Several things I'd love to see in upcoming series...

River Song in her own Tardis.

Amy Pond and Rory learning to fly the Tardis on their own.

The marriage of River Song and The Doctor.

The divorce of The Doctor and River Song.

Amy Pond and Rory raising young Melody Pond.

The final removal of either the Daleks or Cybermen from the Whooniverse.

The rebirth of the time lord race.

A field of Tardises growing from scratch.

An actual scene somewhere in the Tardis other than the control room.

Amy Pond "borrowing" a sonic and misusing it.
Rory using it right and getting to keep it.

Amy Pond in Roman armor.

River Song in Roman armor.

Hell the entire cast in Roman armor. (No...I don't know why.)

A glimps of "sexy" to know she's still there watching over them.

The one remaining time lord that they've hinted at in other media but never revealed on the show. The Meddling Monk.

The Doctor turning to Rory to with more memory questions.

The Tardis parts from the rift washing up in different eras and places.


I'm sure I'll think of more as time goes wibbly-wobbly/timey-wimey. ;-)

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