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Well at least I still have my sense of humor...

Working hard in the call center (pic related) and sometimes the calls are damn long.

I had a 2+ hour one today as well as an hour long one. Other guys seem to be getting huge amounts of calls where I seem to be getting the ones that require long periods of step through and hand-holding.

It doesn't really matter to me because I honestly enjoy helping people but I really have to learn to get up out of the chair and walk around a bit while on those calls. Thankfully we're using Bluetooth headsets so that's not a big deal.

Needless to say I really need to eat better at this job. Today I had some horrible cramps that were likely from how much bad food I've been eating the last couple weeks. I've got a craving for chop suey or beef and broccoli over rice. I may yet go out and get some.

But so far despite putting my foot in it and making a major mistake earlier this week I'm still employed and doing well. And frankly I'm enjoying the job. to see if there's still a Chinese place open this late...

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