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Passing the hat for my daughter...

I'm not very good at asking for help - especially in the money department - but right now my wife and I are faced with a problem.

My daughter, like her father, is on the Autism spectrum. Unfortunately she's also a little lower functioning on the spectrum than I am.

She has issues communicating especially when she doesn't know the words. Thankfully there's a piece of technology that can help her communicate better and hopefully allow spur her to communicate more spontaneously.

Bizarrely this technology is the iPad with some very interesting software on it that is sort of a visual menu that she can choose words from to make a sentence. It also allows her to type words as needed as well if she knows them. (There's actually two pieces of software that do this - Touch Chat and Proloquo2Go - but with the help of her teachers we're still trying to figure out which one is better than the other.)

I know I can't give you anything physical in return for your donation and I'm sorry for that. The best I can offer is that you'll be helping a young girl become able to hopefully strike out on her own and maybe help someone you know someday in return.

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