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New life to an old zombie...

00:55 AM 09/04/2011

So in the last post or so I mentioned my old PowerBook Pismo that I'd found while cleaning. It turns out I found more than that and combined it all to make my Pismo quite useable again!

I found a CF->IDE drive adapter. It allows me to use a CF card as a hard drive in PATA style notebooks. I also found an SD->CF card adapter. So these plus a known good 2gb SD card gives me a Pismo with a solid state drive running MintPPC linux.

And except for the space issues it's _totally_ usable. A bit laggy in some tiny areas but for the most part it's going to make a wonderful solid-state writing platform. (My blogging software - Xpostulate - doesn't appear to have a PPC version but maybe the developer will be kind enough to let me build one if that's possible.)

(Edit: And I'm an idiot. The source is right on his download page. Plugged it into the Zombie Pismo and once I had the required packages it works just fine.)

As I said the space is not good but later on down the road I can just get a 16gb or 32gb CF card and drop it in there. The adapter has two slots on it so I'm definitely going to see if I can't fit another card in there at some point.

The system needs new thermal paste on the heatsink but that's not a big deal as I've got that around here.

It's just so cool to see something I used so much suddenly have life in it again. :-)

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Tags: cf cards, flash memory, geekery afoot, linux, pismo, sd cards
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