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A quick one before bed...

22:26 PM 10/03/2011

So revisitng my old Apple Pismo laptop because someone provided me with an 8 gig CF card and I was able to load Mint PPC on it.

So far it's been pretty good. To keep from slowing down the rest of my wireless I've got an 802.11G dongle on the back but I figured out how to add an internal wireless G card and make it work. I've also figured out how to add bluetooth to the unit as well quite easily. So if I get spare cash not allocatable to my daughter's iPad I may do some internal hacking on this.

As for speed it's better than expected for a machine it's age loaded with a fairly modern Linux operating system - in this case Mint 9. And even better the power management functions work just fine with this install versus the bare Debian install I did with the other card.

On that note I will say that versus the bare Debian install Mint PPC is noticeably slower. But that's to be expected because it's using a slightly thicker install of apps.

With some media and Focuswriter and Xpostulate loaded on the system I have about 2.8 gig of an 8 gig CF card left. That's not too bad but will quickly dwindle if I have to add something like say LibreOffice or something large like that. Regardless the install using the auto feature from the boot (auto - used from a Debian PPC netinst disk) installs a pretty useable platform from the get-go. The only thing I really changed was to remove the network manager and install an old version of WICD that works with my original Airport 11b card AND I had to install the proper media codecs for things like DVD playback and such.

Won't play YouTube worth a damn but I didn't expect it to.

On that note, and after spending the weekend under my dad's 1994 Isuzu Amigo installing a clutch, I'm going to try and go to bed and NOT dream of psychotic clowns. Tomorrow the bill paying and the search for a used cablemodem for somone continues. Geronimo! ;-)

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Tags: pismo, ssd, upgrades
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