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It's no wonder we all have toys in the attic!

15:06 PM 10/09/2011

So this public post is to inform all concerned among family and friends that I'm currently not working again. I will not go into details but likely something will come along soon. With the feedback I got from my previous client my recruiters will have NO problem finding another position for me. I told them for now that I just want to take short jobs again for a while. (I really really liked that last position. :-( It'll take me a while to recover from that.)

We're OKAY. We have enough money coming in to pay our mortgage for this month so we have time. I am calling Unemployment on Tuesday to see if they can open a new claim since this last job was one week short of 90 days and I was doing short jobs before that. If not then I reopen my previous claim and that covers us for at least another month. So we're okay. (*grin* But if anybody wants to continue donating that's fine too! That money goes to my daughter's iPad and software. Once we get that any further donations will go to things like clothes and setting up to do extra schooling at home.)

Managed to get the garden tilled and cleaned up thanks to both the next door neighbor and a good friend. Now I just have to find enough black plastic to lay over all that area to kill what's in it. Either that or clean out the top soil and sift it through a screen into the beds when I build them. Need to replace the two fence posts and get that fence back up. (That entire fenceline has a compelete row of chives along it. Don't know what I'm going to do about that...)

And since I'm not working this week I'm swapping sides in my workshop so the auto/mechanical/wood stuff is on the right side and the rest of the stuff is on the left. That way I only have to heat one side of that place this winter so my bills will go down a bit. Still need to do a complete energy audit around here but I'll get to that in a bit. I really need to get adhesive for the rubber tiles though. As a friend pointed out if the tiles curl I'll bring a bunch of them up if I don't have them glued down. *sigh* More money.

The Pismo running on a CF card seems to be holding up well. I'm typing this entry on it now. I have found flaws but so far it does what I want it to do and the battery lasts longer. Have to see what it does in the long run.

One thing for the future is definitely some sort of faster internet connection. Not right now because of things like installation fees and so forth but some time in the future. My wife and I both like streaming/downloaded media from iTunes and YouTube and having the two of us on a 1.5/768 ADSL just doesn't do all that well despite being on separate wireless access points. I don't know - I may try and tweak the QOS in the firewall and see if I can't do a bit better. Right now though we both have problems streaming media.

If I can afford it what I'll likely do is leave our ADSL alone and get a separate stream just for regular internet stuff. Not sure what would be cheapes there though.

As usual it all depends on money...

And that's part of where I fall down sometimes. I want so much to be independent and am so sad when I have to depend on others even if it's a regular employer. I mean I have the imagination but it's like I just don't have the drive any more. Or maybe I just never can gain the focus for long enough to see things through.

That last one is probably the truth of it. My wife says I'm ADD in addition to the Autism and I can easily see that. It just seems like I never have the time to handle things. Never seem to have the time when I'm not being knocked on my ass by the universe.

I'll get moving again here but damn the universe is leaving me sore...

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