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The wrinkles of time in my bones...

08:40 AM 10/10/2011

No doubt in my mind about it. Despite losing weight and taking vitamins and stuff I have several of the symptoms of sleep apnea which I didn't have before.

Tonight was a dream about racing around a grocery store in one of those contests to fill as much of your checkout as you can before the time ends. I still can feel the lateral pressure on my feet from rounding corners. I was doing pretty good and then I was woke from a sound sleep by my wife who was concerned that the recycling wasn't put out yet. So it was a sharp awakening (which always leaves me tired), an active dream, and insomnia because I didn't get to sleep till about 1:30 am.

Part of it is that I'm taking Malic Acid to help soften the bile around my gallstones. (Yes - I know. Sorry for the icky in the morning.) That actually leaves me with a lot more energy. In fact I'm thinking about paying another $9 and getting some magnesium to go with that since the two do really well together and help nerve and joint stuff which I've recently begun having issues with.

Regardless I can't keep doing this. So tomorrow I'm going to contact my insurance people and see if they'll pay for a sleep study and if necessary a CPAP machine.

I'm not thrilled with the idea of my well being coming from machine dependence but if it helps me sleep better at night maybe it's time for that to happen.

I think I'm going to try some other things though in the meantime like actually using that energy like I used to. It's quite possible that what's happening is a full return to my original sleep patterns from when I was younger. Stuff like that often happens when you regain health stuff.

Mind you that won't negate the sleep apnea if it exists but it will perhaps help me _get_ to sleep regularly even if I don't sleep as long.

*zzzzzzzzzzzsnerk!*Huh? make...the donuts...

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