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Random Rumblings...

22:53 PM 10/11/2011

(Edit: For some reason this didn't post last night or at least I can't see it.)

So I've decided to pull my current submission in the Torn World queue. I'm just not going to get back to it any time soon and it needs a lot of changes before it's ready. I'm not giving up on it but there's no reason it needs to sit there for this long.

Updated my resume today and told the recruiters that we have about two to three weeks before we'll be in trouble. Like I said we can make the mortgage but from that point on it'll be rough. (Relax mom - we'll be fine.) We're almost certainly taking on a boarder to help ease things a bit. After all we have an entire room filled with misc that can easily be cleaned out. And the person in question is someone we know very well so compatability shouldn't be an issue.

In Linux news...I shot myself in the foot. I originally back-versioned the WICD installation on the Pismo so it would work with the Apple Airport card properly. Well once I switched to a 3Com wifi card I started having problems. Turns out the old version of WICD doesn't like Atheros cards. (ath5k module) Purged WICD, reinstalled it, now all is fine. (BTW - here's a video of the system I did for a friend to show the pros and cons of it running on a CF card: )

I also used that system today to do a CAD floorplan of my organization for the garage/workshop. It worked well with the Wacom Bamboo I have here so I'll likely keep using it for that.

The garage organization hasn't started yet. I have to acquire thinset adhesive so I can put the rubber floor tiles down out there. But then I also need to get bags of concrete to fix the basement as well. Both require money I don't have right now but I'd prefer to have all the floor stuff ready before shuffling the workshop around so I guess that's partly on hold. Fotunately the bags of concrete won't cost as much as I thought - an 80 lb bag is about $4. I need about 20 bags per my neighbor. I wonder if since it's non-supporting I can pour a layer at a time...

Anyways that leaves the garden beds to be made and other maintenance to be done. Like the tiny drip on the back toilet hose. (Likely needs tape on the threads.) The gutters that need to be emptied and repaired. The truck to be repaired. Likely another tire on Dorothy soon. As well as a ton of other things like oh finding a job.

When did this get all so cluster-fscked?

I guess I'll try and sleep on that and hope things will be better in the morning...

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