nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

No dead bread today...

22:06 PM 10/21/2011

So I managed to get some things done on the technology front around here today. I swapped my old 250GB hard drive in my Macbook into an external USB box, confirmed I could boot the Macbook that way, then installed a 40GB solid state OCZ brand drive internally. (A gift from someone I worked with at my previous temp job.) This allowed me to install Linux Mint 11 and copy most of my data from my old ThinkPad R51 over for use on the Macbook.

The Macbook is a better processor, has more ram, and with the SSD in it is just considerably faster than anything else I've got. Once I'm sure this is working properly I will almost certainly swap the drive from my ThinkPad with the one in my older Compaq unit and install Windows XP Home on the ThinkPad if it doesn't just come up. That will be considerably faster and more professional looking than the Compaq.

Provided I can get a job again that is. Two of the recent job offers just fell through so now I'm waiting. And since my unemployment is so low now ($164/week) I can't even take short jobs any more without risking that. I hope I can find something soon.

I'd like to know why the universe keeps hitting me in the nuts dammit.

In more pleasant news the chives-from-hell seem to be doing okay in the library but I need to make sure they have more light. And proper water and food. Too soon to tell if they'll last through the winter properly or not but I'm hoping they will.

Tomorrow I have to get everything moved in the workshop and the floor cleaned so it can dry out in enough time to put the tiles down. I've been too lazy about all this stuff.

I also need to go through this house with a fine tooth comb and do a full energy audit. We need to reduce all our expenses and electric is one I can easily dig through.

Looked at the oven today and figured out that it's likely the thermocouple. The igniter lit the gas but not until I heated the thermocouple with a gas match. Unfortunately that's the $50 part not the $30 part so it's going to have to wait like most of everything else.

Going to have to use my wife's next check to pay regular bills too. So much for catching up. :-(

Right now though I'm just hoping that the chamomile tea I've brewed will calm me enough to get to sleep. I haven't been able to sleep well for quite some time now...

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