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More hurry up and wait...

15:52 PM 10/23/2011

So I just got finished moving everythng in the workshop to one side. (Well almost everything.) Then I degreased the concrete using Castrol Super Clean and hosed it all off. Now I have to wait two days before I can begin laying tile.

I know I have ample tile to do the job due to the number of boxes (6+) and the size of the tiles (19" x 19") but I'm hoping to have a lot left over and be able to do at least part of the basement floor. We'll see once I finish the workshop since I'm only doing one car bay's worth of space.

I really really really need a clean and quiet meditation space. In the spring and summer I want that to be the garden but any other time it's going to have to be the workshop. I might eventually go so far as to put up a wall again between the two bays.

The basement though is a different thing. For down there I only want two things now. First - a clean and safe and dry place to go when there's a tornado siren going off. Second - food production. That space is large enough I can put several different types of plants and lights down there without a problem.

The two big problems down there are stairs versus ladder and the water leakage. I have figured out a cheap but temporary solution to the second - spray foam, wood water seal, and caulk. I can temporarily screw a piece of water sealed plywood to the open hole in the concrete wall. Then caulk the inside edges with waterproof caulk and finally spray around that caulking with foam. The ground water never is a large amount so this should keep it at bay and allow me to accumulate bags of concrete to fill that hole properly. Not pretty, definitely non-standard, but cheap enough that I can afford it fairly soon and it will allow me to get moving on that space.

As for growing things down there I'm going to need a heat duct from the furnace - may just re-direct the hallway one since that runs into that space - and the green moisture resistant drywall board among other things. I already have a lot of lights of the right type and pots not to mention potting soil. Hydroponics will have to come later as I can afford PVC. Someone was giving away small fish tanks on Freecycle the other day and the old reason I didn't take them was that I just don't have the space ready yet.

Point in fact a fish tank would be an awesome experiment in hydroponics now that I think about it. Take the under-gravel filter plates and raise them up about two inches from the bottom of the tank. Fill the tank with net pots surrounded by fish tank gravel, fill with the right amount of nutrient rich water, and then use a tank filter minus the filter to circulate the water. I'm just not sure the water would circulate fast enough. And would I need an air bubbler or not? Hmmm...should definitely research that. And algae is definitely going to be a problem. I wonder if a UV LED filter would help that. (Besides keeping light out of the tank bottom that is.)

Point in fact I just ran across about three different tutorials on how to use a fish tank to grow in. (Back to those 70's terrarium roots I guess. ^_^ ) Sweet!

Most of this of course depends on money so I continue to search for a job. Going to beat the bushes again tomorrow and see what I can do. Unfortuantely now that I'm going to have a lower unemployment than before I can't take any really short jobs or it'll screw that. Who designed this system anyway?? *grump*

Anyways I'm off to check on my workshop floor and deal with the recycling for tomorrow...

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