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And the floor goes down...

14:05 PM 10/24/2011

So...this is now down in the workshop:

workshop flooring

I'm going to put more down but to do that I need to wait 48 hours for this to cure then I can move stuff onto it and finish the rest of the floor as needed.

It went on pretty easy. I know I don't have proper tile alignment worth a crap but all I care about personally is that it's down and stays down. And I _know_ I got the thickness of the adhesive right so it staying down is not an issues. And most of it will be covered by stuff anyway. (I'm sure Murphy will make sure people notice every stinking flaw though because that's how it goes.)

So now more waiting...

(The whole point of getting the workshop done is possibly establishing a business down the road somewhere. It all starts here in theory.)

Got an email response from a previous employer and they don't have any openings yet but he's still keeping an eye out for me. I've seen a place over the border in Wisconsin _still_ advertising for tech people that know Macs but I've applied to that place at least twice that I remember and been completely rejected each time. I may try a third time just for completeness but it's damn demoralizing. After I pick up my daughter I'll send out more resumes and apply for more things.

(Edited to correct really awful spelling mistakes and to mention that I just got submitted for another Help Desk position in a nearby town. Hopefully they'll want to interview me.)

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