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02:02 AM 11/03/2011

So once again I'm having trouble sleeping. This time it's because I actually fell asleep during part of the afternoon/evening. Silly me thinking I can sleep...and then sleep AGAIN.

Shuffled more stuff in the workshop yesterday. Making progress out there. Hopefully will have at least the basices sorted here soon. Decided to use the two desks we have in the house instead of taking down the one plywood workbench and moving it. We'll see how that's going to work.

I have a damn good reason for sorting things out quickly (and not just because company's arriving today) because yesterday my wife's minivan suddenly has started to stutter and misfire at idle and under load. It's fully electronic ignition so it has no distributor to speak of. If it's not something simple like the plugs or the wires then it's the timing belt. Thankfully those aren't too expensive and fairly easy to change. Still not a project I wanted to tackle right away - especially since I don't have a job yet.

My first unemployment check of the new session goes in today or tomorrow but it's only going to be for one week. We're paying the car insurance out of that then anything we need to repair my wife's minivan and some absolutely minor groceries. That's it.

Having suspend/resume issues with this MacBook running Linux Mint 11. It appears that sometimes it doesn't put the system to sleep properly and I have to kill the window manager (Xorg?) to get my mouse to work right again. (Sometimes it acts like it's right-clicking everything or double-clicking everything.) Trying to track it down but can't seem to find anything to hang my hat on there. That said with the exception of some few OS X applications I need the switch to Linux has gone pretty well. Even found a financial app that I like - $crooge. It's got some bugs ( lackluster reporting abilites for one ) but it takes the QFX from our bank downloads and seems to just do the right thing. Still have to manually adjust at the moment but once we stop spending for a few business days that should synchronize everything properly. (I'm still quite peeved that even though the bank keeps an entire electronic copy of our banking history from 1997 it's not available to me short of a frakking court order. It would nice to be able to plot a history curve from the beginning of time so to speak. Such is life. I've got good data from the beginning of this year so that's not too bad. [Actually I have data from much further back but I decided to start fresh this year to help keep things sane.])

Going to finish shuffling and cleaning before our friend arrives today. I know she said we shouldn't go to any trouble but frankly it's a good excuse to clean and re-organize. I think we're going to put the futon by the window and the chairs near the book cases. The chives will have to move with the end table - lamp included. Chives are pretty hardy so my full-spectrum desk lamp should give them enough light for a while until I can figure out something better. Will take the hanging light fixture down and bring it out to the garage to increase the amoung of light out there. May consider re-potting the chives in a hanging planter but since they have just recently been re-potted I don't want to shock them any further.

Anyways other than moving the futon I'm going to leave the shuffling and cleaning of the library to my wife. It's well within her abilities and shouldn't be a problem. Got to hang the wireless router back up on the wall though. Not sure how that's going to affect the signal around here. I may hang her wireless router up there and put mine in the laundry room hallway. That might work out better.

My friend has said that he's going to try and ship me out the Mr Beer fermenters he's got lying around. They aren't spectacular but they are small and should be good enough for me to get started. Need to get a capper and some caps. I have a number of bottles that I can re-use. (The blue Bawls bottles and the Guiness bottles should do nicely.) Also need ingredients but those seem to be readily available. (Once again it's all about money.)

Speaking of money a generous donation from a family member topped off my daughter's iPad fund and she now has a white 16GB iPad2! Woot! Now we just need to raise the $300 - $500 for the software. Hoping the county/state may pay some of that but I'm not holding my breath. Anyways we've already loaded a number of free apps on it and we'll likely start with her on it next week after we have her teacher's conference later today.

Well my Tylenol seems to have kicked in so I'm going to try and get some sleep now...

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