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07:42 AM 11/04/2011

So I did the spark plugs and ignition wires on my wife's van last night and it seems to be running 100% better now. Still should probably replace the timing belt here soon as I don't know if it was ever replaced and the vehicle has 115k on it now. Have to wait for the money for that one. But for now it appears to be fixed.

Still shuffling things around in the workshop and want to get that done this weekend if I can so I don't have to do vehicle maintenance outside like I had to last night. It's getting too cold to do that.

Had my second interview for a particular help desk job yesterday - a face-to-face at the actual location. I think it went really well but it's supposedly between me and one other person so I'm in waiting mode once again. The place looks like a good place to work and the atmosphere seems positive and it's for a small group so it's not the insane call center environment.

I really would like one of these. They sound wonderful and aren't too expensive. They of course look nothing like a real eagle bone flute but I think they look good regardless.

Been thinking a lot about 3D printing lately. There are so many things I have in my mind that I could print using a 3D printer even if I had to print them in pieces then assemble them. Of course I could always build one like this guy:

I can think of some really serious things I could print with that that would simply rock. :-)

Speaking of things that rock my wife and I had a mutual friend visit as she was passing through yesterday and today. It was good to catch up and remember old times. Time well spent. She left on the train this morning.

Unfortunately yesterday's impromptu interview (short notice) didn't allow me to get everything cleaned and organized like I wanted to. Hopefully I can get that taken care of this weekend and start the week fresh. I at least want to get the workshop done to the point where I can get all the tools hung up out there and get my truck in there for maintenance. Winter is right around the corner and I want the thing ready. Have to pick up some Stabil for the gas tank and a replacement muffler among other things.

That reminds me - I have to look for more pegboard hooks. I think I can manage to hang everything out of the metal dresser and thus free up some side space. My dad would take the dresser in a heartbeat so it's not going to waste.

I think I'm going to store the bikes outdoors this year. I don't want to really but I need to work space right now. The cold really won't hurt the Yamaha right now and I can always move it indoors to work on it but I really want the exra space for right now. Have to see what it all looks like when I'm finished organizing. I may yet be able to fit the Yamaha against the wall like I had it before.

Lots of things to do...

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