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Not even able to take a supporting role...

10:05 AM 11/07/2011

So..I didn't get the one position. They've put their hiring on hold again.

The thing that frustrates me about this is that I can't even take small jobs in-between the larger ones because it'll screw up my unemployment. I make $197 net per week on unemployment so I can't take anything that produces even close to that amount of money. So even though the one guy offered me a three-day job I can't take it because it'll close my unemployment claim and it'll take TWO WEEKS to reopen that.

So I can't even do short jobs. Thanks unemployment. You're really helping me there.

*sigh* I haven't stopped searching for a job but a lot of things I'm seeing are either out of state or too far for too little money. I can't afford to take a job that I'll lose money working and being $70k upside-down on our house prevents us from moving. But I keep looking and keep responding to the recruiters that send me potential jobs. Just sent off an email a few minutes ago in fact. top it all mother was in the hospital this weekend with the classic heart attack symptoms. She's home now - they did a bunch of tests and found NOTHING - and she's just fine. That said it wasn't a pleasant experience for all concerned. Glad she's back to normal.

Just to pass the hat here - my daughter has her iPad2 but we still need to get the software for it. So if you've got a spare dollar or two to throw our way it would really be appreciated. PayPal to nimitz AT or contact me via email the same way to get the address to send a check to or arrange another method. (Please note I have to know you personally to even consider giving out banking information.)

Still working on getting the workshop all sorted. I'm about a quarter of the way there. Today's news saps a little of my motivation but I need to go out there in a couple hours anyway to see if the video I'm rendering for NICA is going to come out okay. (It's banquet footage for the Northern Illinois Center for Autism which my wife and I are involved with. They shot the footage with no extra lighting so I have to try and fix the gamma problem. Likely it'll come out grainy unfortunately.)

Feeling like I'm not moving again. Which means I need to get up and get moving again. So much to do so little energy lately...

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