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And my G5 iMac just dumped again...

11:47 AM 11/10/2011

So I was cloning the hard drive on my one G5 iMac so I could swap it out and then be able to properly render video for a non-profit my wife and I are involved in but the darn thing just had the power supply fail. Again. (It's done this once before.)

Now I have the old one here that I might be able to swap parts and get it back up and running but there might be a batter idea:

That guy has simply converted the wires on the ATX power supply to plug into the G5 iMac. I have ATX power supplies and the proper connectors so I might just do that swap myself.

All that aside of course this happens when I'm still re-arranging the workshop. Go figure. :-/

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Tags: cheap capacitors, computers, damn computers
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