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So the tents are being trashed...

06:48 AM 11/15/2011

Currently feeling like I'm starting to get a cold. That kind of run-down feeling with a little clogging of the nose. After I clean up the house from this weekend I'll try and get some sleep.

Just read that the NYC police are clearing out the OWS camp and literally destroying the property of those that were camping there in protest.

You can argue that the protestors maybe aren't following the rules and you can argue that the police maybe aren't following the rules but to be quite honest if the government/banks/corporations would have followed the rules in the first place these protests wouldn't be happening.

The recent clearing of the camp is the third step to get rid of the protestors by the government. Why? They're just cleaning the park right?


After they finish cleaning the park the protestors will be allowed back in but not be allowed to put up tents or anything to shelter them from the weather.

This is just another step to try and sweep the protestors under the rug. First they forced them into a "Free Speech Zone" (thanks a lot Chimpy) so they lost the ability to disrupt Wall Street with their protests, then they got fenced in at the park so they had less interaction with the people not involved in the protests, then they were pepper sprayed for no good reason (there are _multiple_ videos of this happening online when no violence occurred otherwise), then the fire department took away their generators that were helping to keep them warm during their protests, and now any shelter has been removed.


C'mon people think about this. Think about what's going to happen next. This country was founded on revolution. It was founded on the ideals that you fight for your freedoms. Our country was founded on hard spilt blood.

So what do you think will happen when you take away the freedoms of those strong enough to fight you?

Do you know what's coming? I don't but I can guess.

Eventual steps include...

Martial Law.

Armed Rebellion.

and finally Forced Change.

And the 1% in this country will not be able to stop it. Not with all the money and resources at their hand.

It's cliche but the 1% are grains of sand trying to stop the tide coming in while the 99% are funneling the water directly at them to wash them away.

The problem is that unless people at the top start taking change seriously and cleaning house it won't be a wave of water that washes them away but a wave of blood.

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Tags: first ammendment, occupy wallstreet, protesting, revolution
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