nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A sewing idea against the cold...;-)

07:47 AM 11/15/2011

Thinking about what just happened in the park in NYC a clothing design idea came to me.

Imagine a large billowy down-filled jacket kind of like a trenchcoat but with wings of extra material. On the outside edges of this extra material are tent zippers with weather flaps on them. The back of these coats have a long broad tail that can be sat on and hoods that also have side and top wings of extra material with zippers. All the material is waterproof and weatherproof. All the zippers would have to be exactly the same model. Point in fact long strips of velcro might work just as well and will be easier to connect.

So you get four people or more who sit together and zip/fasten themselves into one ring of material that helps make a collective area that is warmed by body heat.

It's not a tent. But it would keep a number of people warm in exposed weather.

So what you get is a group of people that could stand or sit together and keep warm without a tent. If one needs to leave then that person detaches from the whole and the remaining people reattach themselves. Without a secondary covering you wouldn't be able to enclose the space past about 6 people but anything below that could keep even the rain and snow out.

There would be problems though - you couldn't smoke in that space and you definitely couldn't use anything that wasn't a pure electric heater.

An added accessory to this "camping garb" would be a solar panel on the back to help charge phones and cameras. You could even make it so the panels can be connected in series along with the jackets. One person would have to be the "outlet" though because you need a voltage regulator in the system somewhere.

Anyway that's my Not-A-Tent clothing idea. Hope you like it!

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