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11:02 AM 11/17/2011

So we experienced some interruption to our network services at here at home. Turns out the network switch took the preverbial dump. Teach me to use a desktop model switch for server support.

I think part of it is that the temp in the basement is now lower than normal AND we've been being hit by spammers more than usual cause the thing to overload a bit. I've replaced it with the same brand switch but a bit beefier rack-mount model so hopefully that will last a bit longer until I can find the money for a good Cisco 3548.

On top of all this I feel like crap. My wife and I think we got it from a friend who does childcare but honestly it doesn't really matter where it came from. It's that kind of lingering and cold-like thing that makes you just want to curl up under the blankets. So far we've been fighting it back with medicine and chicken soup. Hopefully we'll be able to kill it before the end of the week.

In addition to this I had to manually repair that toilet fill valve because the pusher pin had poked it's way through the diaphragm and wasn't shutting off. Some superglue this morning and it seems to be fine this afternoon. (Had to use it several times thanks to the above microbial invasion.)

Still no word on if I got the job or not in Chicago. There's an email in my box from another semi-local place so I'll respond to that today now that I have the network up and running again.

No beer fermenting yet either. I've got most of what I need to do a small batch - everything but the ingredients, bottle caps, and a capper.

And this just in - BIND 9 has a 0-day exploit:

So if you're using BIND 9 for your nameservers please download the P1 versions suggested!

Here's the link for 9.8.1-P1:

So nameservers are crashing 'round the intarnets causing all sorts of issues. I'm currently compiling the new version as we speak and should have it installed by this afternoon.

So all these recent failures are signs I've seen before. Something large and annoying is headed my way. It's kind of like a backdraft thing where you see little hits first then the big one slams you.

Not sure what is going to hit but I'll handled it. One way or another.

We're halfway to our mortgage this month but we might have to pay it on the day it's due rather than early. That bothers me so much simply because I know Green Tree is going to hound us forever after. They're well known for it. You can't be even one day late with them or they'll harass you into oblivion. And while we can survive that it'll likely continue for several years. Or until we can refinance with some other institution.

If there are any institutions left worth refinancing with and IF our house gains equity over the next few years.

This nation is becoming such a joke compared to even some of the banana republics around the world. The world is both laughing and shaking it's head sadly at us and we need to fix that. Unfortunately the one percent do not want to fix the problem. The _like_ the way things are now.

And that alone will kill us.

I'll leave off politics at the moment as I just don't have the strength for it.

Still don't have the workshop even close to completed. Found that there's a modification I can make to a standard PC ATX power supply to repair my G5 iMac but since I can't get to my soldering station that's going to be an issue. It's just now noon here so maybe I'll go out there and shuffle some things around and make some progress on the situation. I'm just so damn tired right now. Worse yet not having all that done prevents me from doing all the E-Bay listing I need to do. If I can manage to get it all handled before next Tuesday maybe I can put a bunch of things up there to get sold and help us alone a bit.

And I still have vehicle repairs to do. My wife's oil sender has decided to give up the ghost again so she's getting a dinging on the dashboard when the idle is low. I've checked the oil pressure and it's fine so there's no danger to the engine it's just annoying.

Dorothy needs new plugs and probably wires. Thankfully those aren't too expensive. Plugs first then maybe wires. She still has the oil leak but it's slow and I need to workshop finished to fix that.

And I have to get the lawn tractor out of the shed and into the workshop so I can put the plow on it as needed. Still have a leak in the one tire that I think is the valve but that is easy enough to fix. The yard looks like such a mess right now.

I've been singing this song for 'bout 25 minutes now...I could sing it for another 25...*ahem*

Off to try and get some things organized...

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