nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

First impressions...

21:10 PM 11/28/2011

So I started at my new position today and pretty much spent the entire day reading the training manual and waiting for things to get set up.

I felt like a schlub all day because I wasn't on the phone already. Tomorrow I start shadowing calls and start taking calls myself on Wednesday. So yeah tomorrow I start working for real.

It's strange because I'm feeling those first time jitters like when I first started out in the tech field. All those doubts that I thought were long gone are all right there in my face again.

Anyway the place is nice, the people seem nice, there's some good side benefits, and the place seems to be growing. And when they quoted me 70% "remote" a great portion of that turns out to be...remote. As in remote desktop control. Yes I'll eventually have to drive out to clients but that won't be for quite a while yet. (The one lady said it's okay if my clothes were a little...rustic...for the next few weeks as I won't be going directly to clients any time soon.)

Our finances though are going to be interesting. For instance I'll be eating ramen for lunch for the next two weeks at least. This Thursday's unemployment check goes directly to bills, the first check from this new job goes to bills pretty much, and my wife's check goes to the mortgage. The second check from this job ALSO goes to the mortgage. Anything missing here? Oh yeah! Groceries and other things! *grump*

We'll make do like we always manage to but it's going to be annoying to say the least. I did put a stack of papers up on the fridge of things that we need to buy for the house and cars and other maintenance things in the order they're needed. They're not expensive really but they are things that I easily forget so up on the fridge they go.

Once those things are purchased then I'll be able to move on to other things that cost perhaps a little more and are less immediately needed.

Maybe I'll be able to afford the $30 or so it'll take to get my first brew batch going - ingredients, bottle caps, capper, etd. (I'm likely going to have to buy beer for my friend when he arrive - such is life.) The pretzel container turns out to be #1 plastic (PETE) so it's safe to brew in per the other homebrew people out there. And since I have the airlock, stopper, and spigot for it that means a couple of drilled holes and I have my fermenter. (My brewing friend is so busy with actual work work that he hasn't shipped me the Mr. Beer ones yet.) But with two weeks needed for fermenting, a week for carbonation, and a week for clarifying there's no way I can get a batch done in time. Not a big deal...I wonder if you can ship homebrew overseas as long as it's a true gift. ;-)

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