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First week down...

And very well I might add. I like the job, I like the people, and I like getting paid. (Did I mention the people I work with rock? ^_^)

It leaves me less time to get things done around the house but I wasn't really getting things done anyway.

I managed to order a Mr. Beer ingredients kit for cheap from Target so hopefully I'll be able to get a batch started next week when it arrives using my home-made fermenter made from a pretzel container. Still need a capper and caps. I should be able to make do for everything else but as finances become better I'll definitely be buying proper brewing equipment and cleaning/fixing the one turkey cooker to boil wort in.

And I finally got the One Wire Weather software to build on Luffy my WeatherQube:

It's accurate now and once that machine is on a battery backup it'll be quite reliable. I've got the oww software configured to log to Weather Underground but it hasn't shown as active there yet. Hopefully it'll be good for that by Monday.

Got to make sure I have some other way into my network before then as I had the main webserver die a couple of times on Thursday and Friday and couldn't get in to restart it. My whole shebang needs to be on battery backup units simple because the power here fluctuates on a semi-regular basis. It'll be even worse when I move them outside as the power dips whenever the space heater kicks in out there. I so need to be off the grid.

On the bench right now is an old Powerbook 100 that is having booting/P.O.S.T issues. It's for a good friend and it's a classic so it's a labor of love. Hope I can fix it.

Still not finished with the workshop out there. I suppose I should be doing that rather than posting here but I'm pretty tired. I'll try and get to it tomorrow as I don't really have any other plans than laundry and my wife and daughter will be out at a party for a our twin niece/nephews at my brother-in-law's house.

Also picked up the first repair part for the house so I'll be able to fix that leaky toilet and our water bill will be just that much lower. (It's minorly dripping but that can easily cause big problems.)

And I managed to get fuel system dryer into both vehicles so hopefully I won't have problems when the temp drops below a certain point. Protip: A bottle of isopropyl alcohol in the washer fluid before it freezes will help keep it from freezing up when it gets cold. rocker... ;-)

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