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The world needs more co-ops...

19:10 PM 12/18/2011

So sifting through my friends page and I notice that [personal profile] shinga of Head Trip had her Wacom tablet die on her. I'm currently seeing if I can dig one up for her but if you've got an old USB 3x5, 4x5, or 6x8 Wacom tablet you're willing to part with head on over there and talk to her. (The thread about the tablet is here: )

The world needs more people helping other people. Co-Ops seems to be a good solution to that in the short term. You pay in a little money each month ($5 - $10 - $20 and NO MORE WITHOUT APPROVAL OF ALL CONCERNED) and it builds up in a joint account. Each person submits a list of things they need and they all vote on the method in which those items are addressed. Then over time the money gets spent on the items to help each of the people paying into the account. I'm sure there are bugs in that plan but nothing that can't be worked out.

Other than that though there are _always_ things people can do to help out other people if only letting others know that someone needs a hand. Boosting The Signal as it were. ;-)

I just finished watching a cool but weird little anime (minus S2E5 which wouldn't stream) called Arakawa - Under The Bridge (both seasons) which is about a very weird group of people living under a bridge on the Arakawa river in Japan. Quite a bizarre anime but also quite funny. The theme songs are stuck in my head as we speak. Season 1's in particular.

We picked up minor groceries this week which felt pretty darn good. On Tuesday I'm paying more bills and we'll re-stock the larder as well as buy holiday gifts. Of course I'm now experiencing the other half of the dichotomy in which I now have no energy now that I have a job. This means I'm _still_ not getting things done at home but hopefully as I get back into the swing of things I'll be able to fix that.

In weather news...SNOW! Not a lot of it but enough to tell me that winter is truly here. I'm behind in getting the one bay of the workshop sorted out and getting the tractor with the plow in there. Hopefully I can maybe manage that over the next few weeks. (Oh and I'm a horrible neighbor as I haven't decorated yet for the holidays. People think it's because I'm Pagan but honestly it's just because I'm tired and lazy.) Anyway I managed to get Luffy the Weather Qube to report properly to Weather Underground: I want to add more instrumentation to that but again that's a money thing as 1-Wire protocol instruments aren't as common as they used to be.

My friend from Tokyo is showing up this month so I need to have the house in better shape. (And stock up on good beer.) Frankly the house is a mess but I think I can hammer most of it into shape before he shows up. My mother will also be down for the holiday season so double the reason to clean things. (Remember when I mentioned that lazy thing? Yeah. Goes beyond just the decorating.)

Right now though I have to finish the laundry...

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