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Post holiday funk...

14:17 PM 12/26/2011

Well the Yuletide season is sputtering to a close and all that's left is the cleanup and the return to work. (Not to say there aren't still bright times ahead - such as friends coming to visit.)

Before all my muttering and talk of the holidays some housekeeping...

I've been writing in this web journal for a long time now and I'm quite grateful that LiveJournal has been available to me this long.

But with the constant decrease in reliability of the LiveJournal servers I'm quite glad I bought a Dreamwidth account now. I cross-post to post but honestly the Dreamwidth site is becoming more and more my primary site. (I'd love to be able to go through my friend's list on LJ and find the same people on DW but there doesn't seem to be an "app" for that.)

So from this point on I will still respond to posts made here but I'm going to transfer my flag to Dreamwidth ( Yes...that's a pony as my avatar. Deal with it.) I will also be buying a slighty better paid account as soon as I can afford it. I figure I should support the things that help support me. (And if you think having an LJ account hasn't supported me by giving me an outlet you haven't been reading what I've written.)

Watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special and frankly I liked it quite a bit. I won't say a lot for fear of spoiling the episode for people but that it's well worth the watch and you can likely find it on YouTube if you dig but if you're in England or therebouts likely you can probably watch it on the BBC website since you pay your TV license and all. (I'd so pay for a TV license to be able to watch unaltered BBC over the web.)

We did the usual holiday events with both sides of the family and other than my sensory issues on Christmas Eve they went off well enough. My daughter made out like a bandit as usual and even my wife and I got presents this year. All-in-all I'd rate this one at about a 5 or 6 among Yuletide holidays past.

The weather station on my workshop needs to be debugged. Either that or the software. It's registering some very odd readings like short "freakout" sessions where the temp and the wind do an impossibly massive amount of fluctuations over an hour's time or so. Something I can't explain just yet. I'm going to try re-wiring the unit first but some of the older Dallas weather stations are known for this sort of flakyness. When I get 'round to it and have the spare $99 I'll probably buy a replacement. Thankfully other than wiring changes you can swap the units out universally.

And the news keeps giving me moments of delight along with the moments of sadness. One such is that the homeless are continuing to occuply foreclosed homes. In the state of IL it turns out that if you flagrantly and openly occupy an empty building for ten years (keep the place up, pay the bills, have the mail delivered there, etc.) then you own it after that time. Now I'm sure that the banks can eventually get their acts together within the time and evict those people but here's the thing about that - they will have had X amount of time to pay off their other bills if they have them and X time to SAVE MONEY because they won't be paying a mortgage.

So what you'll have, hopefully, are situations where the people/families in question will either be able to save money and get back on their feet or end up with a paid off house.

To all those homeless out there occupying foreclosed homes I wish you the best of luck and save whatever you can.

Oh and one more note about this idea. Some neighborhoods have BLOCKS of foreclosed homes. If all those blocks get occupied at once you'll end up with quite a force to people that will be hard to remove.

If enough people in this country (or indeed any country) say NO you will never be able to force them to say YES again unless they truly agree.

Happy Hearthwarming! ;-)

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