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It's four o'clock in the morning dammit! Listen to me good!

03:32 AM 12/27/2011

So...awake again. This time I went to bed at around 11:00pm and woke up around 3:00am. And my mind is already full of things from work. Wonderful. (Oh and the title is just a title. No wife issues here.)

Not a bad thing really as it's been a long time since I had things from work to focus on. I've got a few tasks I'm behind on but I really need to run them by others to find out what the company procedure is about them. I'll hopefully do that today.

In other news I think I figured out how to prevent my copper from oxidizing when I fire the enamel. That will make a big difference because it means I don't have to accidentally worry about scuffing the enamel when polishing to remove the fire scale and oxidization. My problem now is that I really want to make copper bangles with complex fine line designs on them in enamel but since I don't have a bead kiln I have to bend the bangles after firing versus before. (Other people have kindly offered me kiln time but right now I really want to see about using what I've got already. Another person suggested building one and I may yet go that route. We have a source of fire bricks in town and there are sources of heating elements for kilns online so it's definitely an option. Regardless I'll figure something out but again...that money thing.)

On top of all that a good CNC machine or laser etcher would do wonders for this process because I'm finding that it's definitely hard for me to put the designs in the copper in the first place. The dremel seems to bounce on me quite a bit and hand carving takes a long time. Of course copper PMC would solve this problem but add a host of new ones. For instance can I fire copper PMC twice? Once for the sintering and once for the enamel? Can you pickle the copper when you have enamel on it? (Almost certainly not as the cooler pickling liquid would probably crack the enamel and/or debond it from the copper. There are notes also saying that the pickling fluid gets under the enamel.) Also copper PMC that doesn't require the carbon granuals for firing is fairly expensive:

I'll figure it all out eventually. One more thing to work on I guess.

I seem to have plenty of things to work on in my life...

Let's no particular order...

Home improvements. (That's a whole separate list.)

Daughter improvements. ;-)

Workshop improvements. ( progress but moving slowly.)

Brewing. (This will be in progress this month. I just have to collect a bucket from the local donut shop and bottling caps+capper from the local Brew&Grow. Also need a separate clean pot because ours are salt scarred. My fault.)

Writing. (I really need to get George and Blaze settled and Oranaan at least moving.)

Drawing. (This is always high on my list. I can draw things well enough but people just don't seem to be something I've been able to work on yet. Which is a shame because I have at least one webcomic already written.)

Jewelry. (I won't go into details but I think I have a good idea for some really really cool jewelry that I have yet to see out there.)

Programming. (I have at least one little program that I keep trying to dink at but never seem to get around to.)

Cooking. (I'd kind of like to get off fast food. And cooking well is a good step for that.)

Gardening - outdoor. (This I actually can do well when I'm not tired or depressed.)

Gardening - indoor. (I think this will be essential to learn to do well for quite a lot of people just from a survival standpoint. I wonder if you can grow potatoes hydroponicaly...)

Learn to play several instruments. (For some reason I collect them but music in general hasn't gelled in my brain. I don't understand the structure and connections yet.)

Improve singing voice. (I can sing okay but I'd like to be better at it.)

Learn foreign languages. (Japanese high on my list but mental barriers are a PIA.)

Constructed languages. (Still on my list but definitely on hold. I started a transliteration a long time ago but never finished it.)

Convert a vehicle to EV or hybrid. (My ideal vehicle for doing this is a 1980's Bradley GT II. It has the right amount of space, the right amount of simplicity, and the right amount of surface area for a good EV/Htbrid conversion.)

Alternative energy prototypes. (This list could fill an entire book. I so want to try some outlandish things but money/time/inertia stop me often.)

Inventions. (See above.)

I/T skills. (This encompasses a number of things. VMS alone could take years.)

Relationship skills. (This is a lifetime project due to my autism.)

Spiritual improvements. (Already working on this but I could devote more time to it.)

Vehicle repairs and upgrades. (Have a lot of things to install on all four working vehicles but until I get the workshop settled that isn't going to happen.)

Lastly - build my own spaceship. (Yeah...I think I need to start taking my Triptophan again as I'm going bats.)

Well it's now 4:30 am or so and I've babble on here for quite some time. (I also ate generic toaster waffles while doing so. Yum!) Time to get up and start doing things without waking people up that is.

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