nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Fireclay question...

So looking over my rather long E-Bay watch list and this is one of the things I have on it:

It's a premixed fire clay good to 2500 degrees. What I was thinking about using it for was to create a proper height and sealed dome for my existing enameling "hot plate" style kiln that would allow me the height to do bangles and bracelets.

The idea is to use the existing metal dome, cover it in the fire clay, and continue down with the clay so it lifts the metal dome up about 2 - 4 more inches from the top of the heating element. I'd also embed a hook or bale or something into the top of the dome to allow me to remove it easily. Probably have to use either stainless wire or uncoated copper or something for that. (A bit concerned about heat transfer to the hook as I want to retain as much heat as possible inside.

This design would also allow me to add a pyrometer to the setup and not affect the work inside as much. Still need to get a pyrometer btw. A couple more weeks at least before I can think about spending for that.

Off to work...

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Tags: enameling, kiln, prototypes
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