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Might as well get this over with...

17:37 PM 01/23/2012

Currently posting from a hospital bed. Nothing serious except I had some icky medical issues related to a kidney stone last night and some blood sugar.

Everything is currently fine. I'm scheduled to have the 1cm+ stone pulverized by sound waves on Wednesday.

And since my blood sugar was high at the time they're keeping me here until it goes down.

To all family members: It's OKAY. Don't panic and go nuts on me. I have some limited internets and Skype so I'm good for now. I'll post a full account of what happened later.

I just figured I'd get the info post out of the way. Likely I'm not getting out of here tonight but that's not a big deal and really depends on my A1C test results.

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Tags: buggery, health, hospital
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