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One cystoscopy later...

I'm _definitely_ stone-free now.

Last night at about 11:30 pm the pain woke me out of a sound sleep. It was pain in exactly the same place as before. Tried the Vicodin they gave be but it didn't touch it. Waited until 2 am to see if it was temporary then called the Urologist when it didn't go away. He sent me to the ER for "pain management" and an appointment for a kidney stent.

Meanwhile I tossed up all my dinner and anything else in my stomach due to the pain, got rushed from triage into a room where they gave me 2mg of something strong and that's when the Urologist scheduled me for the stent installation.

They get me into surgery around 9:30 am and the doc uses a camera and a grabby so to speak to remove the remaining piece of stone as well as install the stent.

I wake up and have been in recovery all day today. They've temporarily changed my glucose meds due to the dye used in the cycstoscopy so my wife's picking that up here in a little bit.

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