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Now is the winter of our disconAUUUUUGHHH!

14:24 PM 01/29/2012

So I go back to work tomorrow and that's a good thng. I've been idle for far too long.

I do want to put something out here though for anybody who was even peripherally involved in this whole ordeal about my kidney stone and blood sugar.

It's not your fault.

All of this was going to happen anyway. For instance the reason the blood sugar got all whacked out in the first place is that I consciously chose to ignore good practices and habits that I'd kept for seven years as well as ignore what my body was telling me. This would have happened no matter if I had just gotten a job at a bowling alley versus the tech support position I currently hold.

My fault.

Oh and those of you I work with that may end up reading this? That half-day I came in to work after the lithotripsy had absolutely nothing to do with having to go back into the hospital. It was a foregone conclusion and would have happened anyway. Best that it happened sooner versus later.

The gist of what happened here was two problems. First I ignored my diet and exercise causing my sugar to become completely out of whack to the tune of 515 the day I entered the ER the first time. Symptom - massive headache to almost migrane levels but in the back of my neck. Combined with that a kidney stone that I now realize I've had for about half a decade and never dealt with decided to start acually giving me blood in my urine. With the appearance of blood in my urine I decided that night to go to the ER.

Once there the first time they took FOREVER but they finally admitted me and started giving me insulin to reduce my blood sugar as well as I _think_ a mild painkiller for the kidney stone but I couldn't swear to it. They took KUB (kidney, ureter, bladder) xrays as well as a chest and head CT scan and the urologist said that he'd schedule me for a lithotripsy (sonic pounding) on Wednesday. They kept me in the hospital another day to get my sugar down and I went home Tuesday. (BTW my 2.5" ganglineuroma under my neck/shoulder is still 2.5" in size. Yay!)

On Wednesday after a 13+ hour fast I went to a different hospital, checked in for lithotripsy, went through the procedure under a twilight anesthetic, and was taken home by my father-in-law. After getting home I took a shower, changed, and went to work for a short period of time then came home to rest.

At 11:15pm that night pain in my side woke me from a aound sleep. I took one of the low-dosage hydrocodone pills they gave me but that didn't even touch it. The pain was so strong that I brought up everything I'd eaten in the last day or so. It was at that time (2 am) that I caved and called the urologist. He sent me to the ER again for pain management and until they admitted me I spent a good portion of that time throwing up. Even with my stomach empty.

They get me stabilized and put me in a room upstairs where I can rest until the doctors can stop by. The urologist scheduled me for a cystoscopy (where they put a camera and a grabber up your urethra) to remove the lodged fragment and installation of a stent. I go through that procedure out cold and wake up on the other side feeling slightly battered and having some serious pain and blood when I urinate but with no killer pain in my right side.

That puts me in the hospital until the end of the day but they let me go home to rest since my numbers are good and since I can pee okay. I rested all of the rest of the week (feeling incredibly guilty that I couldn't go back to work) and the rest of the weekend. At this time my glucose numbers are trending down and I intend to keep them that way. I still have some blood in my urine and a pain in my side when the bladder draws urine from the kidney as it empties but both of these should go away. Frankly since the entire stone was 1.5cm in size and from what my wife tells me the obstructing fragment was 3mm or so my tract and attending structure is probably pretty torn up.

Still I should be able to be considerably more active now that I don't have that chronic low-grade pain any more and I can concentrate on not only work but preventing this from happening ever again. Even today I'm up and doing some things - the usual laundry and dishes.

Throughout all this my wife has been top-notch as expected. I've always known she has this sort of strength in her but it's nice to see it out in the open. She also rested most of this weekend BTW and a well deserved rest it was.

Tomorrow I'll go back to work and do the best I can to set the stage so I can have a good structure to handle all this without a problem going forward. Not too many changes really just stuff I used to have in place that fell to the wayside.

Two final notes of annoyance:

First - the damn sonic people have _already_ billed me and had the gall to send a letter asking me for an "assignment of rights" to let them deal with the insurance company and oh yeah BTW pay us $3300+ immediately. Yeah. Not gonna happen. Years ago I asked our insurance company how to handle this and was told "Don't pay them anything until we tell you to.". I'm going to take that to heart and include "Don't sign anything they ask you to." as well.

Second - I've been cold the entire time I've been out of the hospital. It's going away as I get more active so I'm pretty sure that's just shock to my system. I think I will obtain some Monty Python killer rabbit slippers though. ;-)

Off to do more laundry...

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