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I haz oven nao!

18:30 PM 02/26/2012

After having the part sitting on the counter for months I finally managed to get the oven repaired. Ran it up all the way to 550F and it took less than 15 minutes to get to full temp.

So I baked some french fries from scratch! ^_^

Anyways it's good to have the thing fixed again. I can think of quite a few things I'd like to try baking and especially things with organic cinnamon in them. I'm rapidly becoming a fan. I wonder if you can make cinnamon rye bread...

In other news the snow started melting already. Hopefully it'll be gone by the end of this coming week. Of course it matters very little anyways because I haven't manage to get any seedlings started. And it looks like my chives have either gone dead or dormant. I'm hoping I didn't kill them from too much plant food. :-/

Still typing on the new-to-me notebook. The battery should be in this week so I should be back to normal functionality very soon. I mean the whole point of a notebook it portability right? Anyway it's experienced some glitches but nothing major. My biggest complaint is how long the wireless card takes to come back from sleep. Well into the 30 - 45 second mark. If I'm doing anything local I don't notice it but if I'm waiting before launching something network related like Thunderbird or something it's all too annoying. Regardless the new battery is a 9 cell 7200wh one so it should be good for at least a couple of hours if I keep the backlight down. Not sure with the 15" screen on this thing though. Somewhere down the road I'll upgrade things in this box because the upgrades are fairly cheap now and I'm not ready to shell out for a brand new notebook yet.

Did something good today and gave two of my spare notebooks to the neighbor kid. He's expressed a desire to learn computers and I/T stuff so I gave him two older notebooks loaded with Mint Linux 12. I told him that they are specifically meant to be a learning experience for him so I wouldn't be anserwing a lot of questions. He's got the aptitude so he should do well. :-)

And really I didn't need those two boxes anyway. ;-)

Still working on getting my glucose under control. Lots of factors involved not the least of which is my current work environment which is pretty stressfull most of the time. A big part of it though is learning to eat right again. Not take in those carbs if I can avoid it. (Hence my dilemma about the fries this evening. I love them but I really shouldn't have had them.) The other part is exercise. Thankfully since I'm no longer in pain every day I can get a whole hell of a lot more done. All that aside the numbers are currently fluctuating a lot. I'll get it all sorted out. (No lectures please! Had a lifetime of those lately. I will take suggestions though.)

Priced direct-burial ethernet cable on E-bay yesterday. It's about $100 for a full box. I don't really need a full box of snot cable and Mashblock kindly offered to check if he has some so I may take him up on it. I only need about 50 feet or so. (I haven't made a direct measurement yet though so it may be less.) If Mashblock doesn't have it I can probably get some from another friend who works in the wireless business and puts up wireless internet access points on roofs and towers and such. Either way once the ground is soft it'll delay me having to trench the yard and for the moment that's a good thing.

Finally managed to get started on reading a fresh book. I'm about a third of the way through the last Alagaesia book. For some reason I'm reading it slower than I usually do. Either Paolini has become more wordy or I'm slowing down in my old age. ;-) Still it's nice to get back to actually being able to buy a new book once in a while. That reminds me...I'm behind on the events of a certain Chicago wizard...

*goes back to reading his book*

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Feb. 27th, 2012 11:51 am (UTC)
I really don't think cinnamon goes with the flavor of rye at all. But if the aim is to eat more whole grains in general, cinnamon works very well with whole wheat. I especially like the King Arthur "white whole wheat" flour - it's not "white" at all, it's just a naturally lighter-colored variety of wheat, with a slightly different flavor. One of my other online friends makes whole-wheat cinnamon buns all the time.

Incidentally, when I was in the hospital last year, they decided I was diabetic, based on the blood samples they kept taking from me. Never mind that most of that blood wasn't even mine; never mind that I'd been severely anemic, and then gone through major surgery - their numbers said I was diabetic, and they gave me a cheap glucose monitor when they discharged me. I used it a few times, but I didn't really understand the readings. And when I was getting the radiation treatments, the diet they gave me to keep my strength up was pretty much the opposite of a "diabetic" diet. Finally, a month ago, my surgeon had them do an A1c (and cholesterol/LDL/HDL, and triglycerides, and just about every other blood test known to medical science).

My A1c is 5.5, well within the "acceptable" range. (So are all the other numbers.) Hah!

Feb. 28th, 2012 04:51 am (UTC)
I find that the old cliche' about taking a lot of sugar out of your diet is true. Your tastes change. And in fact I can probably get away with adding cinnamon to quite a number of things I never considered before. And bread is definitely on the list in savoury not sweet form for me.

As for my A1c...well I'm not going to even think about that right now. Get my daily numbers down and the rest will follow.
Feb. 28th, 2012 06:45 pm (UTC)
Cinnamon in savories is, of course, only "strange" to the average modern American palate. I know there's a Moroccan dish that uses chicken (originally squab or pigeon) with cinnamon and nuts in a phyllo-pastry crust. And, of course, many types of curry have cinnamon in them. And if you know any RenFaire types, a whole lot of medieval dishes contain cinnamon also. But I think that, in order to get the blood-sugar-lowering benefits of cinnamon, you have to ingest more than you'd be able to eat in food - you need to take it in capsules.

Feb. 28th, 2012 11:25 pm (UTC)
Well my tastes are changing so likely I will be trying many recipes. And I know a fair amount of Renfair people. :-)

As for the blood sugar and cinnamon - it works. I put a certain amount in my tea and the blood sugar drops like a rock. Seriously. And it really isn't all that much. My only complaint is that _real_ cinnamon seems to be a suspensive rather than something that truly dissolves. The fake cinnamon doesn't seem to do that. Makes sense though because it does come from bark so you wouldn't expect sawdust to dissolve either. ;-)

Now the only thing getting in my way is personal choices and work stress.
Feb. 29th, 2012 05:30 am (UTC)
I don't know what you mean by "fake cinnamon". There are two forms of cinnamon, true cinnamon and cassia, and they're both ground-up bark. Like almost all other spices (ground-up roots, seeds, bark, leaves, etc.), they don't dissolve. I don't know whether you have to actually consume the bark to get the glucose-lowering effect, or whether you could get the same benefit by steeping cinnamon sticks in your tea (or mulled cider, or whatever). For that matter, I don't know whether cassia works, or only true cinnamon.

Penzey's, of course, has four different kinds of cinnamon, at least one of which is cassia...



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