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A visit to the Mitsuwa...

08:32 AM 03/04/2012

So me and a couple of friends went to the Mitsuwa Marketplace which is a Japanese mall about an hour or so away from us.

And it was awesome as expected. ^_^

Picked up some snacks at the grocery store there and with one exception were things that didn't affect my glucose levels.

I got in no particular order:

Dorayaki (Baked Red Bean Cakes) - very sweet but also very very good. Not something I can eat every day because they are basically light pancakes filled with sweet red bean paste. Way too much sugar.

Instant Miso Soup - Yu-Ge (white) and Asage (mixed). I got these because they look simple and quick to cook when I'm hungry, don't have hardly any carbs in them, and might be fun to try. I could in theory cook this at work even though it says it's four servings. I didn't really look at the salt on the package just assumed that part would be bad for me. But salt is okay for me right now even though I'm shooting for a good balance of things.

The aforementioned dried squid. I discarded the package so I don't have the name handy. Honestly it was salty and chewy and actually quite good. Tentacles get stuck in my teeth though. It was mostly tentacles. There were some of the flat dried full squids there but I chose the slightly smaller package in case I didn't like it.

Nori Maki Arare - basically seaweed wrapped around a cracker. I haven't tasted these yet but the numbers on the back look good for me.

Sen Cha - some loose green tea that I'm going to try in the Kuerig machine at work now that I have my individual filter.

Hoji Cha - roasted green tea. We'll see what the flavor difference is there.

Milk Coffee - this was darn good. I also don't have the brand but it was a small square plastic bottle with a white label and grey/black lettering on it. It didn't have a lot of sugar in it but wasn't as bitter as you'd expect. I like it.

Other than that there were a ton of things to try and frankly since things weren't too expensive comparatively I'll definitely go back there. Honestly I found more snacks that were healthy for me to eat there than in most regular US grocery stores. (Even found a gum that my wife can chew that has regular sugar in it and no Apartame.) And if these are things that are healthy for me to eat while I'm sitting in the chair at the office then so much the better. :-)

As far as Japanese food goes though there's two goals. The first is to reclaim my taste buds from bad fast food. That's taking time. The second is to discover what tastes I like that I can eat. Removing almost all the sugar from my diet is helping a lot. I've always likes savory food but recently it's become much more appealing to me. (I wonder if you can put cinnamon in curry...)

In other gnooze we got the dog shaved professionally. He looks like a completely different puppy. He's taking time to get used to it. I think next time we won't have so much to cut off. Now we just have to keep up with the brushing and so forth so he doesn't get mats again.

Things at work are going fairly well. I'm catching up on things and getting a handled on things. Some bizarre problems but so far I've been able to deal with things or hand them off when need-be. Got to get some Windows stuff running at home just so I have some more experience with them. In particular I need to get a good Windows server running here so I can run VMWare and Citrix at home so I have more experience with it.

Speaking of servers I started setting up my Vaxstation 4000-60 with VMS 7.3 this week. Got it all loaded...and found the drive was bad. (Loud clicking noise while working.) So I have to find my other 80 pin-> 50 pin SCSI adapter and put one of the 9 gig drives into the bay. I think the existing adapter is bad. Thankfully those things are not too expensive and I have a few already.

The plan to start moving things into the rack from the basement is doing well. I've managed to move quite a few things out there but right now there are a couple of things I can't move yet due to some logistics I forgot about. One of them is the one server that controls the auto-reboot of the router if it can't ping an outside address. I can't move that out there because I forgot that it needs a physical connection to the X10 controller. In theory it _should_ talk across the breakers in the panel out in the garage but really that's unlikely to work right. So I have to figure out a solution for that. And on top of all that I need to find my bag of rack screws and snap-nuts because I need to fill more holes in that rack before I can mount more things in there.

Once all that is done I'll be able to pwoer down the firewall, the router, and all the other things that are left in the house, move them to the one shelf in the basement and onto a UPS, and then move the loose crap in the workshop into the basement so I can continue organizing out there more effectively. The big thing in all this is to try and streamline things.

Eventually once the workshop is organized I'll reassess the things in the basement and de-clutter them even more. It's going to be tough because a number of those are electornic and that means I need to disassemble them for the components. Can't just throw those things out any more due to the $700 fine if you do. And really I think I maybe did that once or twice. I prefer to recycle things more than throw them out.

Speaking of which we also stopped at the local Tiger Direct store on the way home lsat night and I picked up a $9.99 stud/electrical wire finder as well as a $9.99 Microsoft optical mouse. Well worth it and both work like a charm. They have some combines kayboard+trackpad setups there that aren't that expensive and would fit nicely into some things I'm doing around here but I didn't want to spend for them right now.

Oh yeah! While we were waiting the 3+ hours for our dog to get groomed we went to Hobby Lobby and I picked up a shadow box of just the right size along with some picture matting and I'm finally going to get around to making a digital picture frame! I've got all the parts so now all I need to do is load up a good picture screensaver on the laptop to be used, share out the pictures folder, make sure it auto-connects to the wireless, and put it in the shadow box with the appropriate foam to hold it in place. Sounds like just the thing for a Sunday afternoon once we get back from grocery shopping. :-)

Getting it together...

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