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11:44 AM 03/17/2012

So really screwed up at work this last week. I forgot that the quality of the conversation with the client is often more imporatant than getting all the callbacks done in an emergancy situation. I know exactly where I screwed up and am taking steps to correct it and have indeed written down the exact failure points. In fact I'll likely turn them into a KB article for work that covers handling the phones and board during an emergency.

Speaking of which I'm on track writing a bunch of KB articles and SOPs for work so that new people can handle the simple things and I can focus on the more difficult problems. I'm not concerned about being replaced because all the other people are doing this as well and it's so we can all cover each other's tasks. Not a problem. I and the other guys are all master techs and some of us are known for being better at certain things than others and all this stuff is just basic fix-it stuff that can easily be handed off to make our load a little easier.

And load is really part of the problem here. My numbers are up and down glucose-wise and I know it's due to stress. I'll be able to handle it because I know I can but I've got only about 3 more months before I see the doc again and I need to handle it before then. And that adds to the stress...which changes the number...which adds to the stress....*insert timey wimey ball here*.

Went to the Goodwill today and found one of the inexpensive cascade fountains that I like for $9 when it would normally be $30. It works fine but is loud when empty so I can only think that was the reason it got donated. It'll likely go on the mantle or out in the workshop. I've missed the sound of running water.

Making progress getting things done arouns here. Not fast but steady. Already planning on getting a battery backup for the satellite multiplexer and the DSL modem among other things. Hopefully put that in today. Also making progress on getting all the servers out into the workshop but due to the weather I'm going to need an exhaust fan out there very soon. And I'm definitely going to have to run the A/C unit out there this year. I'm hoping we can get Central Air this year and then I can dedicate the 1200 unit to the workshop.

Speaking of weather it looks like I'm going to be planting extra early due to the strange weather. That also means that the summer is probably going to be quite a bit hotter than usual.

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