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Zee pants! Zey are banckrupt! Aieeee!

Okay maybe not that bankrupt as the last post was on the 17th of last month but still less than I've posted in the past.

Things seem to be going well at work but I'm not going to take that for granted.

Still working to keep the sugar down but last week I had to go off my meds (eating almost nothing but vegetables) to find out if something I am experiencing was a side effect of them. (It's not.)

And I have my follow-up checkup with the urologist on the 12th so that's a good thing. My regular doctor doesn't want to see me until June.

Getting things more organized but also going to have to shell out even more money because one of the tires on the lawn tractor is flat.

And...I have dried squid stuck in my back tooth. Wonderful.


(Not cross-posted to Dreamwidth because I can't remember my #&*^$*@ password and am not at my usual computer.)
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