nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

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21:42 PM 04/03/2012

So...I just got my internet connection back up. Looks like my ADSL bridge has failed. Fortunately I had another in stock from when my dad got rid of DSL at his house. Still want to put the much hardier Cisco in there but can't seem to come up with a "dumb" bridging config between a WIC-1 ADSL and Ethernet 0/0. :-(

On top of all this I have work to do so I may need to go back into the office tonight. It's not far but it's just annoyance of having to go back into the office.

I realize I haven't been writing online as much as usual and it's not just work that's the cause. I'm writing offline...on paper. I'm using that as a relaxation tool - quill with a metal nib, dipping ink, and all.

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Tags: annoyance, equipment failure, intarwebs
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