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A happy holiday to all concerned!

15:35 PM 04/08/2012

So once agian a holiday is upon us. I am currently working with my Linux laptop while the rest of my wife's side of the family plays Mexican Train with dominos. (I'm not a fan of dominos but I like Mahjong. Go figure. Also I'm jealous of their table. It's a huge dark stained piece with wonderful straight backed chairs. Pre-stressed. It's awesome but we have neither the money nor the space for such an object. Unfortuantely.)

Biding time today until I can get back home and get more things done. (Our house is a disaster.) That said I managed to get Google Sketchup working on my Linux laptop and it seems to work like a charm. It won't contact the 3D Warehouse but honestly I don't care about that because I can always download from that site directly. Unfortuantely the one plugin to convert the free Sketchup export files to something more transfer friendly causes it to crash so I'll install it on the Windows machine and see if it works there. If it does that then I should be able to output to something that can feed a 3D printer without too much trouble. Now I just have to get a 3D printer...

A good relative (my cousin I've not talked to in a while - have to rectify that) gave me a heavy bag this weekend. Already filled so all I have to do is hang it. It'll be nice to have something I can take my agressions out on. For now it'll go in the basement but eventually I want to make/get a fold-up stand for it so I can put it other places.

Still disorganized out in the workshop but things are getting better. I'm getting to the point out there where the computer working space is getting quite comfortable but there's still a llot to do. Supposedly work is getting rid of some really nice computer furniture and we may get a crack at it for free. (Unfortunately there's a 50/50 chance we may have to pay for it also which I'm fairly sure we can't afford.)

Managed to get my SBC6120 computer kit constructed this last week. It's a single board PDP-8 computer that is awesomely small. Got it up and running to the proper diagnostic lights the first time. An awesome thing for me since I haven't done a lot of soldering in a number of years. Now I just have to get a serial cable built and then put it in the custom case I have planned for it. (Hint: It's awesome.) Not sure what programs I'm going to run on it but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Still don't feel like I'm doing well enough at work. I work about 14 hours a day - 10 at work and 4 at home usually - but I still feel like I'm not accomplishing anything. I mean I'm moving forward but still I feel like I'm not working hard enough. AND on top of it I feel like I'm complaining too much about it. Got to work on that last one especially because everybody else works just as hard as I do or even harder.

Still have a ton of other things to do at home including the lawn which I can't completely handle until the end of this week because the one tire on the lawn tractor has a serious leak in it. I was able to mow a good portion of the public spaces by airing the tire up, mowing, airing the tire up, mowing, etc. but there's still a lot to mow yet. And I need to get the truck fixed because I just renewed the plates on it and I want to get the boat in the water this year. Once I get the bikes moved around I'll probably move the boat into the space between the truck and Dorothy in the driveway until I can get all the yard stuff taken care of. And I need to clean out that space anyway as my in-laws are giving me their old gas grill which is considerably better than our current one.

Geeze and we have to paint and clean and a ton of other things...

Still writing by hand with a quill. Even finding the time to do that is difficult right now. Hopefully I can get some of this organization and repair stuff out of the way here and thus have more time for other things. I really want to return to my writing but it's just hard to block out the time not to mention the motivation! I don't think I've written a word of any story for a full year now at the very least and I feel really really guilty about that. Especially since I see all these other people who are able to turn out stories like water even with all the other challenges they have in their lives.

Have a follow-up with the urologist on the 12th and hopefully all will be well at that time. Also managing my numbers better. I'm going to try and see if they will let me ride my bicycle to work every day as there is a safe path from my house to work and it's not too far. It would be a great help for me to do that. That's about 40 minutes of cardio a day every day if I do that. That should help my health greatly so I hope I can work out a deal to do that.

Still getting used to the changes in the finances. The semi-monthly and the bi-weekly paycheck thing really makes you have to think about your money. Not fun. I'm sure we'll get the hang of it but right now it's both either feast or famine AND feeling like we constantly can't spend anything. It's a pain.

Add this to the medical bills now coming in. Have to make sure the insurance has paid for all of it. And if the congressional asshats get their way pre-existing conditions will be once again a legal way to deny claims.. *sigh* And people wonder why I never go to the doctor.




*ahem* Sorry about that. Unfortunately I don't think they'll hear me no matter how hard I yell but I still do it from time to time.

*goes back to watching the in-laws play dominos*

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