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*envelope to forehead* Bing, Bong, Bang...


Oh for Goddess' sake dog! There's nothing in the shadows!


I already checked there dog! Stop!



Anybody know where I can get Prozac for puppies?

In all seriousness we're slowly training it out of him but between the barking and the licking of cabinets/stove/washer/anything that stands still long enough it gets annoying sometimes.

Another thing that gets annoying sometimes is people who don't post regularly to their blog. *cough* *cough*

Sorry folks. Been really really busy.

It's nice having a job it really is but damn it takes up a lot of time. I'm currently working 10 - 11 hour days and often under heavy stress. I like the work but damn it's tiring.

To amuse myself though I now have some virtual fish on my iPad, have finished watching all of The Galaxy Rangers cartoon on Hulu, and am currently trying to figure out what to do next on a great many fronts.

BTW - Kahn Academy is an awesome tool for learning. The collection of videos definitely leans towards the hard science/math collection but they do have history and finance and a number of other subjects as well. The format is awesome and easy to understand and if you are a gamer you'll recognize the achievement ladder structure right away. Heck it's almost like a gamer growth tree where you start out in one place and and from there you can choose what you do next. There are plenty of practice exercises and you can't move on in practice until you complete ten in a row of the current subject. Very very game-like. Complete with achievement awards.

Now they need to put some of the other skills up there like language and writing and...well...a whole bunch of things! If you're having trouble with anything math or science related I highly recommend the site and the iPad application.

That said I've loaded the app on my daughter's ipad and will likely use those to help her get ahead in the math and science department.

In other newa...

Managed to get all my Instructibles ebooks working in iBooks. That means I now have a good start on a digital library. Looking at our physical library I may revise our no books leave policy because there _are_ books here that I will likely never use and are definitely no longer relevant. (Nothing hard and fast but a lot of the older computer books while they do have certain things in them that are nuggets of information those nuggets can often be found elsewhere now.) *stop checking my forehead dear I'm fine.* (...) *and stop checking for a pod under the bed!* I'm not getting rid of a lot but some things just need to get cleaned out every so often. And a book about paying for college from the 90's is not really relevant to the current economics for example.

All that aside my wife got a Kindle and I got an iPad so we both have good ebook readers and that means we can have quite a few of our books on the go now.

Though honestly nothing will ever get me to give up the paper book. There's just so many reasons why. :-)

Still haven't figured out a good plan for the office furnature in the workshop. The plan in the house is set well enough but we have to set it in motion. The first step is getting that damn crappy armoire out of here. My wife has amanged to empty it but carrying it to the curb is going to be one hell of a pain. After that it's the dresser into that corner and the rolltop desk where the dresser used to be. Then the one bookshelf goes into our daughter's room and the one small art desk comes out. (She uses it only for dumping stuff on top of anyways.) Finally we set up my wife's corner, table, and hutches then move the lateral file under the one table. Her office space in the house will then be complete. Then I'll be able to work on mine more outside...

Still looking to complete certain projects this year if money allows. Let's see...

Repair the air compressor.

Transfer the boat title and get plates and stickers for the whole thing this year.

Get the timing chain and a muffler installed on the truck so I can pull said boat.

Finish the basement. Including stairs down from the main floor in the back hallway.

Move my computer and electronics stuff into the basement as well as a seating area if possible.

Move all the servers into the new computer rack but leave them outside in the workshop.

Maybe move my grandmother's love seat down there when it's refinished.

Get multiple gardens set up starting with the one in the back of the garage. It needs tilling and cleaning again.

Finish outer repairs to the house and paint it.

Install a fence to close off the back yard so we can let the dog out and have a quiet place to eat/sit outside with friends and family. Maybe a gazebo.

Break up the front two pieces of walkway and remove the culverts under them so water flows freely. Put in foot bridges.

Organize the workshop so one side is all craft stuff and the other is vehicle stuff.

Do all pending vehicle repairs and upgrades.

Paint inside the house.

Replace the attic fans. (Probably with a 16" Rotron in the one spot then 5" Rotrons elsewhere. They're all heat rated and better than the cheap fans they sell for attics.)


Okay this list is unlikely to be done this year unless we get a lot of money first. And with my schedule lately...

Other plans include:

Set up a dedicated study time and area for my daughter. Start with Kahn Academy videos and practices from that.

Draw more.

Write more.

Learn how to be comfortable with my drawing tablet.

Virtualize most of my servers.

Get all my DEC/PDP gear at least up and running if not running all the time. (The Vaxstation 4000-60 will likely end up running 24x7. The Microvax 3400/Microvax II/Microvax III/and PDP 11/04 not so much.)

*scifi ringtone from iPhone in background*

Oh crapola. One of $biggest_client's servers just went down. Gotta go!

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