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PHone lost, phone replaced, phone found and returned, and a warrior's dash...

09:42 AM 05/20/2012

Well yesterday I lost my phone while riding my bicycle.

Why was i riding? To try and ride to work for my health to see what the ride is like.

Why am I suddenly getting into shape? Because myself and others at my office are going to do the Warrior's Dash in Wisconsin this year. (Google it. I'm too tired to provide a link.)

*Charlie Brown wa-wa voices in the background*

Yes I _am_ insane why do you ask? ^_^

Seriously I need an excuse to get back into shape and the Warrior's Dash is a darn good one because I've wanted to do something like this for years. (Okay maybe you don't have to Google it - it's basically a fairly long and messy obtacle course. Pretty grueling.) There are a number of different classes and one specifically for the 40+ year range so I don't think I'll feel too out of place.

The good thing about this is I posted that I was "IN" for this with my co-workers. That means that my normal crippling fear of embarrassment works for me this time not against me. If I fail to start the event I lose standing with my coworkers and that's not going to happen. No shame in competing and losing but much shame in not competing when you said you would.

Let's cover some things here before I continue:

1) I'm not in as bad a shape as people think I am. I'm not going to die of a heart attack just because I compete in an obstacle course.

2) I'm aware of the risks in shaping up as quickly as I need to (August 18th) before attending this. In fact it's every bit right on the "clean up then die" track record that my family seems to have.

3) If you aren't going to support me in this I don't want to hear it. Period. I can't afford the negativity. As a support person I get enough of that in my life already.

Moving on...

The best cardio solution I've found for myself is to ride my bicycle to work every day or as close to that as possible. That's 40 minutes of cardio a day approximately. Yesterday, before I had to turn back, I rode halfway to my office. Of course at that point I sat on the halfway bench and realized I no longer had my phone. I then walked the bike back down the bike trail to where I knew I last had it. Didn't find it so then I rode the bike home.

Then my wife insisted that we walk back up the trail and look for the phone. So I walked back up the trail to the bench again and back down the trail where my wife picked me up in the minivan.

I was tired after that but not inordinarily so. That means I should easily be able to ride the bike to work in the morning even if I have to stop halfway. The bike path technically opens at sunrise so I'll be just on the edge of that if I leave the house by 6 am. I have a 7 am start time and normally leave in the car at 6:10 and arrive at 6:20 - 6:25 depending on traffic. So I estimate that If I leave by 6 I should be able to get there by 6:45 without a problem. Especially since the bike path is an almost straight shot to my office with no other traffic really. There are 5 intersections along the path. (Three major, two minor) Hopefully at that time in the morning the traffic should be doing the separated waves thing so I'll be able to cross those quickly enough.

It's not going to be easy. It's already hard for me to get back out there. Especially with all the stuff around the house, the fact that we had to shell out for a new phone yesterday so I'm worried about money, and a number of stumbling blocks. But honestly I'm putting all those in my own way and my honor is on the line here. And I've got very little time to get to a certain level of fitness.

So yeah...I know the risks...I know the plan...I just have to execute it.

So no negativity, no "I'm just saying", no "Well I'm just warning you.". NONE OF THAT. I. WILL. DO. THIS.

As to the phone we reported it lost to ATT and the police. Then we went to the ATT store and I got a $0.99 iPhone 3Gs in replacement. Today the finder of the phone called my wife's number and returned the phone to us. So not only do I have a new phone now but I have an 8gb iPod touch once I jailbreak the old phone. So that all worked out. Still can't hotspot with the new 3Gs but I'm going to likely get a work phone to do that with in the future.

On a lighter note...I'm a hypocrite. I once swore that I would never ever buy another Blizzard game because of what they did to the BNETD people. (That one you _CAN_ go and Google because it's too long to explain.) Unfortunately it's been far too long at this point and I so missed bashing monsters on a tiny screen so I allocated money and bought Diablo III.

And it's awesome. :-)

*runs off to bash virtual monsters*

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