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And the universe hits me again...

21:00 PM 05/21/2012

Our dog Richie is currently in the hospital.

On Friday after coming home from work I noticed that his ears were sitting funny. Turns out they were swollen. We called the local animal emergency line later that night and they said to put him on Benadryl and see if he gets better.

Well he got a little better the next day so we didn't think of it and kept talking ot the vets and giving him the Benadryl until my sister who works for a vet office came down and basically rushed him to the animal emergency hospital where they gave him a shot and prescribed some Prednesone steroids.

The next morning (Sunday) he wasn't much better and wouldn't take the medicine. So with the help of my sister we managed to get the prednesone in him and waited to see how he was the next morning.

This morning he was in pain and barely able to walk. My sister came up and we rushed him to the vet she works for and they got him in first thing. And...he's been there all day today.

They did bloodwork and he's got low protein counts and low white blood cell counts and as of this evening he's accumulating fluid in his belly. An ultrasound showed nothing out of the ordinary except a couple of gall stones. They've sent out for a urinalisys and have requested old bloodwork from his regular vet office but at this time they don't know where he's losing the protein.

They've got him overnight on an IV but the doctor admitted openly that she doesn't know what's the cause of all this.

It just doesn't feel like home without him around here. :-(

I think I'm going to change clothes and go to bed early now.

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May. 22nd, 2012 11:08 pm (UTC)
He's doing better today. Got the diagnosis of angioneurotic edema. Basically the results of an allergic reaction. Don't know if we'll ever find out what he's allergic too...Anyway, had a plasma transfusion and more antibiotics and steroids. I saw him twice today and both times he perked up so I think some of the best medicine was seeing his "mama".

May. 23rd, 2012 04:25 am (UTC)
Good luck, puppeh. :(
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