nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Autism and emotion...

17:46 PM 05/23/2012

I hear a lot of people claim that autistic people don't seem to have as strong emotions as the average neurotypical person. (Right...neurotypical. That means nothing really. Think Joe is the same as Bob? Sue as Beth. Nope.)

From what I've obseved that's not the case. I can pin the origin of the statement down to two things though that make total sense to me.

1) Autistic people need to keep a better hold on their emptions in society because society has rules about that sort of thing.

2) Because autistic people have to learn the social norms from those around us we are often "misread" by those around us because we don't react the way they expect.

I can't count the times I've met someone that people claimed had no emotion and I found otherwise after taking the time to get close to the person and have them open up to me. This happens both with "neurotypical" people as well as autistics so why does autism get the bad rap?

Not sure about that one.

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