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20:57 PM 06/02/2012

So I'm doing okay. Not fantastic but okay. Camping over the holiday weekend helped a lot simply because I had very little cellphone signal and was thus fairly disconnected. (Except having to send an email to a grumpy customer that I dropped the ball on.)

Currently I'm sitting on the futon after a fairly big bout of dirty dishes, misc computer stuff, and getting my onw digital picture frame working. (Hint - don't use xscreensaver - use gnome-drapes and hide the icons.)

Earlier this week I started getting exercise in the form of yardwork. Managed to cut down a lot of weeds - I swear the milkweed was 3 feet high minimum. But I managed to clean out and rescue at least three of the remains of the established raspberry plants after my neighbor accidentally cut most of them down. Hopefully those will do well.

The weedwacker overheated so not to be outdone I pulled out the ancient solid-welded smooth-blade hand weed-wacker and just continued on. Cut a whole lot of milkweed down and pulled a lot more out by hand. Still have a whole hell of a lot more to pull. Also pulled out all the thick grass-like weeds that had grown up and were choking out the peonies bushes. Lots of hand weeding. Lost of sweat and energy expended. Ruines some of that with a little bad food later (carbs) but I felt extremely good that day and the next so I'm sure it was a net gain.

Lots of the annoying Thompson (Thomas?) grass still remains to be removed. The darn stuff wraps and tangles the weedwacker so likely I'll end up pulling it all by hand. Hopefully get to that during the week after work but no promises.

Around the house I managed to start getting the kitchen cleaned up but I need to make my workspace out in the workshop the priority as I need to separate my formal work environment from the rest of stuff around here.

My iPad seems to be working well as an ebook reader. That said I will likely still get either one of the smaller Nooks or a Kindle simple due to battery life. I kind of like the idea of not having to charge my ebook reader for close to a month. That said nothing still beats a paper book. Unfortuantely I don't have the money or the space for much of any books right now.

Amazon/Barnes and Noble gift cards for Father's Day people! Hop to it! ^_^

The family is doing well. We're currently saving for another Lhasa Apso but aren't going to seriously look until we have the cash ready. While having Richie around we learned a lot about the breed and just like them in general. (Don't have enough space for a larger dog or I might consider a Tibetan Mastiff.)

Hmm...about 9:30pm here...gonna have to stop typing here and get more motivated. Hopefully I can be motivated to get enough stuff done out in the workshop tomorrow before my wife leaves that I can start putting the computer crap that's in the house out there. Gonna have to start up the A/C unit out there soon or at the very least get a good exhaust fan set up out there. (Surprisingly not cheap.)

If anybody wants to ship me a 12/24V DC or 110VAC network rack fan I wouldn't be adverse to accepting it! ;-)


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