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Serious malware scam! Pass it on!

07:53 AM 06/03/2012

So the malware and virus writers are at it again. This time they produce a frozen screen on your PC saying that they are the federal goverment and that you have been caught looking at child porn. Oh and by the way the fine is $100 through money transfer services and money cards.

Link about it here:

This puts people in the position of going to their PC repair person and having them freak and call the police. In terms of the plan it's pure evil and massively brilliant unfortunately.

The best thing we can do about this one is spread the word as _FAST_ as possible. Please throw this out as many places as you can. Including so maybe we can get a definitive link to refute this when people get it.

Off to submit this to a number of places...

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Tags: extortion, malware
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